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Bertelsmann Looking At Pulling Plug On Napster 143

azaroth42 writes "The end of Napster has finally come according to the Guardian as German group Bertelsmann pull the plug on the already 'past its use by date' music service. And the same story on CNN."
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Bertelsmann Looking At Pulling Plug On Napster

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  • Re:Question (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday September 02, 2002 @12:19PM (#4184263)
    Your top choices:

    1. Usenet -- fastest, but you pretty much have to
    take what's there.
    2. Gnutella -- heavy overhead, slow to search, but
    eventually you'll get what you want.
    3. FastTrack (KaZaA) -- the current popular
    leader; avoid the KaZaA client itself (loaded
    with spyware and worse) in favor of KaZaA Lite
    or something.
    4. eDonkey2000
    5. Direct Connect
  • Re:Question (Score:2, Informative)

    by dmarx ( 528279 ) <> on Monday September 02, 2002 @02:12PM (#4184748) Homepage Journal
    Try the Gnutella network. You can find a list of clients at Gnutella News []. Also, try KaZaA. Don't use the official client; it has spyware and adware. Use KaZaA Lite [] instead.
  • Re:Question (Score:2, Informative)

    by syknes ( 30153 ) on Monday September 02, 2002 @03:07PM (#4184974)
    I don't recall which earlier slashdot article twigged me to it, but SoulSeek [] (seems to be flaky today) is pretty outstanding for electronic music, and no slouch on other styles. Naturally, you'll get more enjoyment out of it if you donate to the author (he's set up a download priority system which gives *major* benefits to contributors).
  • Re:Question (Score:2, Informative)

    by ogre2112 ( 134836 ) on Monday September 02, 2002 @04:54PM (#4185408)
    I use Kazaa Lite (Make sure to use the Lite version, do a search for it--no spyware in Lite)

    Or Gnucleus is very nice too.

    Don't know about Linux clients, as my linux box is 100% server. 150 days of uptime Gawd I love my linux box. Like a rock I tell ya.

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