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"eCycling" Pilot Program in 5 States and D.C. 91

Mr. Slippery writes: "Several /. stories have discussed the problem of disposing of electonic gear laden with hazardous materials. The EPA, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, DC, and about a dozen corporate sponsors have launched a pilot program to collect and recycle computers and electronics. The objective is to collect data to "develop a long-term cost effective system to remove computers (including monitors & peripherals) and TVs from the municipal waste stream." (My car is now loaded up with five monitors, 3 old HP RISC worksations, several partial PCs, an old TV, and various parts and pieces for the Baltimore County drop-off tomorrow...if any area geeks are looking to scavange old gear this might be a prime opportunity.)"
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"eCycling" Pilot Program in 5 States and D.C.

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  • Re:Cool tech (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday April 27, 2002 @10:13AM (#3420753)
    I live far below the poverty level here, and I'm running an k6-500 (saved my pennies, and ate LOTS of mac and cheese).

    ALL of my neighbors are poor (food bank poor) and none of the ones I know into computers would settle for a 486. (forget 386's even...those sit and rot at the salvation army, for the reason I just described).
  • by LennyDotCom ( 26658 ) <> on Saturday April 27, 2002 @10:56AM (#3420867) Homepage Journal
    When I owned my computer store [] I used to get tons of computers that people would just give me that I wouldn't buy from them I had the whole basement fl of antique computers. You could put a free ad in your local paper and people would probably give you more computers then you could handle.
  • flea market. (Score:2, Interesting)

    by GutBomb ( 541585 ) on Saturday April 27, 2002 @11:16AM (#3420899) Homepage
    for older computers, such as the vic-20, some of the really old apple 2 clones, and atari or TI machines, i used to go to the Mile High Flea market in denver. they always had really good selections on the old stuff. last year I picked up a vic-20, cassette player, vicmodem (300 baud even!), and a couple games on tape for $11. then I found a 1541 drive a cople booths over for an additional $5. every time going down there I have seen lots of computers from that era. I picked up a mac plus there once for $14 too :) They have 386s and crap too, and once i found an AT&T machine. it ran some kind of unix. the salesman said it was DOS, but... he pronounced DOS like DOSE :)

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