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Journal BeneathTheVeil's Journal: Hurrah for Knoppix... boo, Mandrake.

Might as well write a journal entry... that nobody will ever see. It's just like talking to myself.

Anyway... Knoppix. I'm so glad I finally decided to give this 'cd-rom only' distro a whirl. Seeing as how Mandrake has been letting me down with each new release--6 was amazing, used it for a long time... 7.1 was great, even on an old P100... 8.0 wasn't bad, but a bit bloated... 9.1 never could install KDE properly... and 9.2, well, the install would always hang--and seeing as how Debian was to be my next attempt, Knoppix seemed like a logical warmup, before the real thing, so to speak.

Safe to say, the 'real thing' never arrived. I love the potential portability of Knoppix. Gimmie a cd-r, and some flash memory, and I'm taking my setup wherever I go. Nice... and hey, even off an ancient 8x cd-rom, loading is pretty fast. At least, I finally found a good use for that Mandrake partition... it's now my Knoppix home directory.

Still... I'm missing two programs, and I can't find them. No, not in the actual distro itself... I mean, in general. I need a good pixelling program... oh, how I need it. GIMP is great for general image manipulation, but not too good for pixelling. I need something where I can work with sprites and tilesets... something that is made for a coder, who wants to get these graphics into their game... anyone know of anything?

The second program I'm missing, is a good digital music tracker. I use Impulse Tracker in that other OS. Never did get a liking for anything else... and the few Linux trackers I've tried, I didn't like. Sigh. Well, one of these days... or maybe someone will be kind and port IT--no, don't tell me to do it, I'm not a coder, just an artist.

Well, that's that. I guess I'm done talking to myself.

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Hurrah for Knoppix... boo, Mandrake.

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