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Journal kesuki's Journal: a bit late but i was checking out chromium os... 3

it is just a browser kiosk with an app store. i used a vm to try it out and i was unimpressed.
i guess i feel like if i were going to a hacker thing i wouldn't mind grabbing a cheap one just to browse the web without having to worry about getting hacked since i could have a second gmail account just for the chromebook and wipe the account and format and restore the chrome book while still on vacation then i could keep it for the next time or just sell it on ebay or something. but i don't go to hacker things. and if i wanted cheap i could find cheap without being crippled the way chromebooks and windows 8 tie ins are. at least with win8 i was able to teach my mom how to do things she likes. and ugh the malware i already found some in the chrome store that was able to open a tab and look like it was a search setup sigh not safe for grandma either. android devices are better but have some of the same flaws of chrome os. google you're not apple. and i don't see why microsoft is making win8 as much like chrome os as they are. flashy gui up front but everything is flawed from a real usage scenario.

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a bit late but i was checking out chromium os...

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  • Dude, get a clue

    boot in dev mode, then you can apt-get install any shit you like.

    Else its good for the average joe, hell, I use chrome 99% of my time in Windows, file managers and remote desktop are just things on the side, that chrome can do as well.

    • by kesuki ( 321456 )

      i couldn't figure out how to boot into dev mode from within a virtual machine, there is no f8 button on a vm

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