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Journal sllort's Journal: Fyodor Responds... Kinda 11

Well, Fyodor wrote a rather lengthy reponse today, collating a whole bunch of geocities pages in order to prove that any allegation made against him is false, and that he is not a terrorist.

I don't really know what to make of his response: it's weird, because he kind of denies hacking sdem's computer, but he doesn't deny posting screenshots of sdem's page to his website, and talks about "trolling trolls" and "rhetorical devices".

I honestly can't make heads or tails of it - I thought that his page on breaking into sdem's machine was a much better piece of writing on his part - but here's the link for you all to try to make sense of:


Interestingly he accuses me of slander and says that he would press charges if he weren't busy with an important project. That certainly would be interesting, considering I could haul at least ten witnesses into any courtroom that saw his "Troll Hunting 101" post.

Completely weird.

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Fyodor Responds... Kinda

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  • Just wanted to let you know I've been following this with interest. You're doing a great job of exposing it, and I do believe that the slashbork "editors" are as guilty as fyodor himself.

    Oh, and BTW - thanks for my .sig link =)

  • That's what Fyodor has engaged in. From my memory of the documents I looked at a week or so ago, sdem's computer was not terribly secure. By one definition, Fyodor didn't 'break' into a computer. If someone is sharing a Windows directory over their cable modem without password, am I 'breaking in' when I copy/delete all of the files I find? And argument could be made in the negative. Similarly, when Fyodor accessed sdem's computer, he was entering an unlocked door. There was no breaking and entering, just en

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