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Journal SurturZ's Journal: Global Warming pie chart

"Global Climate Change" in Google Scholar (, review the top results.

"Downscaling of global climate change estimates to regional scales: an application to Iberian rainfall in wintertime"
I read the abstract. The paper assumes climate change is occurring, but their proposed local model doesn't correlate with the general model very well at all.
MY VERDICT: EQUIVOCAL. Dissonance between global and local climate models does not support a global warming hypothesis (though it doesn't necessarily refute it)

"Global climate change and infectious diseases."
I read the abstract and first section. The article theorises about possible effects on diseases if global warming were to occur.
MY VERDICT: RED HERRING. Not an article on climate science

"Global climate change"
I read the abstract.
MY VERDICT: OPPOSES GW THESIS. "Currently, there is very limited evidence that man's activity has caused global warming. " in the abstract

"Lay perspectives on global climate change"
I read the abstract.
MY VERDICT: RED HERRING. It's an opinion poll

"Implications of Global Climate Change for Biogeographic Patterns in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem"
I read the abstract.
MY VERDICT: EQUIVOCAL. Assumes climate change and theorises about possible effects on biological diversity. Makes no mention of any observed changes to biodiversity due to climate change.

Suggests "directions for establishing long-term measurements for the early detection of responses to climate change", implying that global warming is not certain and the authors want more


"Inadvertent Weather Modification in Urban Areas: Lessons for Global Climate Change."
I read the abstract
MY VERDICT: SUPPORTS GW THESIS. The paper confirms local anthropomorphic climate change and extrapolates to global climate change. It says "A second lesson relates to the difficulty but

underscores the necessity of providing scientifically credible proof of change within the noise of natural climatic variability" which was prescient.

"Global climate change"
I read the abstract
MY VERDICT: SUPPORTS GW THESIS. States that environmental events have led to "a conviction" that anthropomorphic global climate is real.

"Global climate change and freshwater ecosystems.";jsessionid=E04068BC1178B3A9C40941AFEC8F2EC9?gitCommit=4.13.8-6-g6e31ff9
I read the abstract
MY VERDICT: SUPPORTS GW THESIS. A bit hard to tell, but it seems that the paper measures effect of current global warming on biological systems.

"Global climate change"

I read the first three pages.
MY VERDICT: EQUIVOCAL. Basically says that we can't tell. "Yet we can't easily or precisely determine how the complex climatic system will react to anthropogenic pollutants".


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Global Warming pie chart

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