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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: The Set Game: Comments 4

In the previous JE about the The Set Game, i mentioned that i found it. On the second day of use i realized a problem, which i sent as an email to them:

I like the Set Game. It is simple but challenging. I don't just see them; i have to think about them once or twice.

The thing that hinders me the most is that the Squigglies and the Ovals look somewhat alike, whereas the diamonds are quite different. That is, the contrast between the three shapes is not the same. Is this intended to add difficulty to the game?

I would think the game would be easier if either:

1) The diamonds were changed to a shape with less contrast from the squigglies and ovals, such as a squiggly in the other direction, or having both top and bottom bend in the same direction.

2) The squiggles were changed to a shape with the same contrast as the diamonds have to the ovals, such as a line or a triangle. Then again, having two cornered shapes and one rounded shape is not the same level of contrast.

I think the challenge of the game should be in the application of the rules--finding the sets--not in remembering which shape is the same and which is different.

Either way, thanx for the game. I see it is listed at a local store, and i am planning on purchasing it on my way home from the office today.

I received a reply a some hours later:

It was not to add difficulty to the game. I have always felt that the shapes
were very distinctive and the same if seen from top or bottom (right side up
or upside down) which was a concern. We did try several different shapes and
these seemed to be the most satisfactory to most people.

Thanks for your comments and for being a fan!

Oh well. I'm debating whether to buy it or not, as the disparity is bothersome. A friend, Avi, suggested that i create new images to my liking, and have GreaseMonkey change them on the webpage for the daily game. Not a bad idea, but i think it is too much work; i am not interested _that_ much.

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Verbiage: The Set Game: Comments

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  • The set game is a lot of fun and very challenging when pitting yourself against other players. There is this constant pressure that someone else is going to find a set before you and that there set will ruin the one your are building in your mind (running through the combos, etc).

    One caveat. It is not necessarily a good "party" game as there is almost no talking while playing save for someone calling out "Set" every couple of minutes.

    • I could never figure out how that game was supposed to be "fun". It's like chess, only without the action. I do like it in the once-a-day brain-teaser puzzle format. I used to play the game with my sister, and I guess there wasn't enough reward for me. I didn't get all that stoked finding more sets than someone.

      I guess I can't explain why, but I found a similar type of game, Boggle, much more entertaining. (Played against others.) But then as a single-player puzzle wouldn't interest me.

  • It's a fun little game. Thanks for the link.

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