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Verizon To Begin 5G User Trials in 11 Markets by Middle of Year 0 comments
US Homeland Security Employees Locked Out of Computer Networks 25 comments
Tinder Wants AI To Set You Up On a Date 39 comments
Medal AMD Launches Ryzen, Claims To Beat Intel's Core i7 Offering At Half the Price 89 comments
Uber's Self-Driving Cars Are Now Picking Up Passengers in Arizona 53 comments
Google Releases Open Source File Sharing Project 'Upspin' On GitHub 31 comments
Medal Studies Show Testosterone Offers Little Benefits To Aging Men 83 comments
Medal Cellphones As a Fifth-Order Elaboration of Maxwell's Theory 95 comments
Medal Medal The Only Thing, Historically, That's Curbed Inequality: Catastrophe 309 comments
College Senior Turns His Honda Civic Into a Self-Driving Car Using Free Hardware, Software 101 comments
Valve's Gabe Newell Says Only 30 SteamVR Apps Have Made $250,000+ 122 comments
Samsung To Sell Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 With a Smaller Battery, Says Report 68 comments
'We Won't Block Pirate Bay,' Swedish Telecoms Giant Says 23 comments
Wyden To Introduce Bill To Prohibit Warrantless Phone Searches At Border 147 comments
UPS Develops 'Rolling Warehouse' System In Which Drones Are Launched From Atop Trucks 38 comments
PHP Becomes First Programming Language To Add 'Modern' Cryptography Library In Its Core 175 comments
Health Apps Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good, Warn Scientists 88 comments
Computer Glasses Claim To Protect Eyesight Are Selling Like Hotcakes, But They Probably Aren't Useful 112 comments
Intel Supercharges Atom Chips With 16 Cores and Pro Level Features 68 comments
Online Piracy Can Boost Comic Book Sales, Research Finds 35 comments
Netflix Just Announced a User Focused Security Application 42 comments
GlobalSign Supports Billions of Device Identities In an Effort To Secure the IoT 27 comments
Medal Medal University Offers Course To Help Sniff Out and Refute 'Bullshit' 339 comments
Microsoft Confirms Another 2017 Update After Windows 10 Creators Update 74 comments
TransferWise Launches International Money Transfers Via Facebook 32 comments
China's Millennials Are Hustling For Part-Time Gigs Instead of Traditional Jobs 137 comments
Gemalto Launches eSIM Technology for Windows 10 Devices 47 comments
Verizon Revises Its Deal With Yahoo, Reduces Price Of Acquisition By $350M 48 comments
Medal Medal How is The New York Times Really Doing? 380 comments
New Zealand May Be the Tip of a Submerged Continent 134 comments
Why Astronauts Are Banned From Getting Drunk in Space 151 comments
Apple Files 14-Point Appeal Against European Commission's $14 Billion Tax Edict 163 comments
EU Privacy Watchdogs Say Windows 10 Settings Still Raise Concerns 156 comments
Amazon Quietly Lowered Its Free Shipping Minimum to $35 181 comments
Of Course Facebook Is Putting a Snapchat Clone Inside WhatsApp 75 comments
The Death of the Click 129 comments
Microsoft Has Cancelled the Second-Gen HoloLens, Working on Third-Gen For 2019 Launch 107 comments
Google and Microsoft To Crackdown On Piracy Sites In Search Results 102 comments
Medal NASA Is Studying A Manned Trip Around The Moon On A $23 Billion Rocket 300 comments
Medal Medal Former Engineer Says Uber Is a Nightmare of Sexism; CEO Orders Urgent Investigation 886 comments
NASA Scientist Revive 10,000-Year-Old Microorganisms 106 comments
'Counter-Strike' Gets Invaded By An Unblockable Chat-Bot 105 comments
Medal Kim Dotcom Can Be Extradited, Rules A New Zealand Court 187 comments
Medal ZDNet: Linux 'Takes The World' While Windows Dominates The Desktop 221 comments
Linux Kernel 4.10 Officially Released With Virtual GPU Support 90 comments
Medal Serious Computer Glitches Can Be Caused By Cosmic Rays 262 comments
Google Discloses An Unpatched Windows Bug (Again) 121 comments
Medal Some Recyclers Give Up On Recycling Old Monitors And TVs 274 comments
Self-Driving Car Speed Race Ends With A Crash 87 comments
Krebs: 'Men Who Sent SWAT Team, Heroin to My Home Sentenced' 197 comments
New Free O'Reilly Ebook: 'Open Source In Brazil' 54 comments
Used Cars Can Still Be Controlled By Their Previous Owners' Apps 102 comments
A Source Code Typo Allowed An Attacker To Steal $592,000 In Cryptocurrency 88 comments
Alaska Gets 'Artificial Aurora' As HAARP Antenna Array Listens Again 68 comments
Fans Choose A New Football Team's Plays With Their Smartphones 46 comments
Techdirt Asks Judge To Dismiss Another Lawsuit By That Guy Who Didn't Invent Email 80 comments
Slashdot Asks: Are Remote Software Teams More Productive? 148 comments
Web Comic 'Pokey The Penguin' Celebrates Its 19th Anniversary 67 comments
Medal Medal Should International Travelers Leave Their Phones At Home? 508 comments
RSA Conference Attendees Get Hacked 52 comments
Software Goes Through Beta Testing. Should Online College Courses? 70 comments
German Government Tells Parents: Destroy This WiFi-Connected Doll 139 comments
SAP License Fees Also Due For Indirect Users, Court Rules 123 comments
New Kit Turns A Raspberry Pi Into A Robot Arm 36 comments
SpaceX's Next Launch Carries Colonies Of A Drug-Resistant Superbug 56 comments
Medal Lost Package Derails Project To Preserve Super Nintendo Games 169 comments
Thousands Of Disabled People Are Living In 'Virtual Utopias' In Second Life 54 comments
MAME Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary 47 comments
Medal Medal Congressman Calls For Probe Into Trump's Unsecured Android Phone 505 comments
Genetically-Modified 'Surrogate Hens' Could Lay Eggs of Rare Chicken Breeds, Scientists Say 33 comments
Juno Jupiter Probe Won't Move Into Shorter Orbit After All 56 comments
How Atari's Nolan Bushnell Pioneered the Tech Incubator In the 1980s 25 comments
Medal Medal Bill Gates: The Robot That Takes Your Job Should Pay Taxes 382 comments
Researchers Discover Security Problems Under the Hood of Automobile Apps 27 comments
Mozilla Thunderbird Finally Makes Its Way Back Into Debian's Repos 47 comments
GM Plans To Build, Test Thousands of Self-Driving Bolts In 2018 79 comments
SoftBank Is Willing To Cede Control of Sprint To Get T-Mobile Merger Done, Says Report 28 comments
Japan Unveils Next-Generation, Pascal-Based AI Supercomputer 121 comments
EU Moves To Bring In AI Laws, But Rejects Robot Tax Proposal 72 comments
Medal 70 Percent of Young Swedish Men Are Video Pirates, Study Says 207 comments
Deleting Your Yahoo Email Account? Yeah, Good Luck With That 100 comments
YouTube Will Kill Unskippable 30-Second Ads Next Year 152 comments
System76 Refreshes Ubuntu Linux Laptops With Intel Kaby Lake, NVIDIA GTX 10 Series, and 4K 122 comments
Your Personal Facebook Live Videos Can Legally End Up on TV 142 comments
HTC To Stop Making Budget Android Phones This Year 40 comments
Accenture To Create 15,000 Jobs In US 202 comments
Medal Mozilla Will Deprecate XUL Add-ons Before the End of 2017 221 comments
Breakthrough in Alphabet's Balloon-Based Internet Project Means It Might Actually Wor 82 comments
No CEO: The Swedish Company Where Nobody Is In Charge 181 comments
BlackBerry Sued By Over 300 Former Employees 72 comments
Zuckerberg Shares Facebook's Plan to Bring Community Together, Edits Out a Questionable Sentence Minutes Later 104 comments
99.6 Percent of New Smartphones Run Android or iOS 91 comments
B Vitamins Reduce Schizophrenia Symptoms, Study Finds 86 comments
Woolly Mammoth On Verge of Resurrection, Scientists Reveal 162 comments
Scientists Use Stem Cells To Grow Animal-Free Pork In a Lab 126 comments
Medal Medal PewDiePie Calls Out the 'Old-School Media' For Spiteful Dishonesty 914 comments
Samsung Chief Lee Arrested In Corruption Investigation 24 comments
McDonald's Hires Project Ara Design Team To Reinvent the Drinking Straw 102 comments
Scottish Court Awards Damages For CCTV Camera Pointed At Neighbor's House 95 comments
AT&T Is the Latest Carrier To Offer Unlimited Data For All Its Customers 62 comments
Swedish Court Rules: 'Block the Pirate Bay For Next 3 Years' 60 comments
FCC Chairman Wants It To Be Easier To Listen To Free FM Radio On Your Smartphone 209 comments
Google Fiber Sheds Workers As It Looks to a Wireless Future 107 comments
Tech Jobs Took a Big Hit Last Year 118 comments
CloudFlare Puts Pirate Sites on New IP Addresses, Avoids Cogent Blockade 88 comments
YouTube Has 1 Billion Videos With Closed-Captioning (But Not All of Them Are Accurate) 52 comments
EU Privacy Watchdogs Seek Assurances on US Data Transfer Pact 36 comments
Sprint's New Unlimited Plan Adds HD Streaming, Four Lines For $90 84 comments
Valve 'Comfortable' If Virtual Reality Headsets Fail 88 comments
Google Releases TensorFlow 1.0 With New Machine Learning Tools 20 comments
Medal Medal Linus Torvalds: Talk of Tech Innovation is Bullshit. Shut Up and Get the Work Done 358 comments
Check Your Privacy Filters: Facebook Wants To Be the New LinkedIn 85 comments
Apple Announces WWDC 2017, To Be Held in San Jose On June 5-9 63 comments
Medal Elon Musk Is Really Boring 225 comments
Apple's iPhone 8 To Replace Touch ID Home Button With 'Function Area' 114 comments
Astronomers Discover 60 New Planets Including 'Super Earth' 38 comments
Lost Winston Churchill Essay Reveals His Thoughts On Alien Life 186 comments
Medal Ethicists Advise Caution In Applying CRISPR Gene Editing To Humans 159 comments
Bipartisan Bill Seeks Warrants For Police Use of 'Stingray' Cell Trackers 113 comments
Autism Starts Months Before Symptoms Appear, Study Shows 118 comments
JavaScript Attack Breaks ASLR On 22 CPU Architectures 155 comments
Medal Nearly 56,000 Bridges Called Structurally Deficient 240 comments
Patent Office Rules CRISPR Patents, Potentially Worth Billions, Belong To Broad Institute 69 comments
MariaDB Fixes Business Source License, Releases MaxScale 2.1 17 comments
Medal Utilities Vote To Close Largest Coal Plant In Western US 200 comments
Dutch Town Pilots Lightlines To Help Distracted Smartphone Users Cross the Road 113 comments
Yahoo Notifying Users of Malicious Account Activity as Verizon Deal Progresses 17 comments
Brazil Judge Rules Uber Drivers Are Employees, Deserve Benefits 131 comments
Voice Calls May Be Coming To the Amazon Echo and Google Home 23 comments
Now Get Weather Alerts Even When Your Mobile Networks Are Down, Thanks To IBM's Mesh Networking 75 comments
Apple Explains Why Its R&D Spending Is On the Rise 86 comments
IT Decisions Makers and Executives Don't Agree On Cyber Security Responsibility 118 comments

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