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Elon Musk: Negative Media Coverage of Autonomous Vehicles Could be 'Killing people' 25 comments
Blockchain Platform Developed by Banks To Be Open-Source 19 comments
All the Good Netflix Movies Are in Canada and Brazil 50 comments
Medal Tesla Bans Customers From Using Autonomous Cars To Earn Money Ride-Sharing 174 comments
China Overtakes the US in iOS App Store Revenue 44 comments
India's Biggest ATM Breach? 3.2 Million Debit Cards Across 19 Banks May Have Been Compromised 29 comments
Yahoo Wants To Know If FBI Ordered Yahoo To Scan Emails 69 comments
Medal Nintendo Unveils 'Switch', Its New Gaming Console and Tablet Hybrid 162 comments
Schiaparelli Mars Probe's Parachute 'Jettisoned Too Early', Whereabouts Still Unknown 147 comments
Medal Samsung Forced YouTube To Pull GTA 5 Mod Video Because It Showed Galaxy Note 7 As Bomb 155 comments
Stanford Researchers Release Virtual-Reality Simulation That Transports Users To Ocean of the Future 73 comments
32GB iPhone 7 Has 8 Times Slower Storage Performance Than 128GB Model 150 comments
Nintendo NX Will Be Officially Revealed Tomorrow 35 comments
Researchers Bypass ASLR Protection On Intel Haswell CPUs 59 comments
Hillary Clinton's Campaign Creates Way To Make Money From Donald Trump's Tweets 263 comments
BBC Micro Bit Mini-Computer To Expand Internationally With New Hardware 35 comments
All Tesla Vehicles Being Produced Now Have Full Self-Driving Hardware 162 comments
Czechs Arrest Russian Hacker Wanted By FBI 52 comments
Medal Donald Trump Running Insecure Email Servers 371 comments
Google To Launch Streaming TV Service In Early 2017 21 comments
OMGUbuntu: 'Why Use Linux?' Answered in 3 Short Words 230 comments
Medal Medal Mark Zuckerberg Defends Peter Thiel's Trump Ties In Internal Memo 434 comments
Apple Rumored To Remove Old-School USB Ports On Next MacBook Pro 273 comments
Apple Announces a Mac Event On October 27, Says 'Hello Again' 79 comments
RIP, David Bunnell, Founder of More Major Computer Magazines Than Anyone 24 comments
LeEco Who? Chinese Tech Giant Tries Its Luck In the US With 'More Products Than You've Ever Seen' 56 comments
Your Dynamic IP Address Is Now Protected Personal Data Under EU Law 35 comments
LinkedIn Promises To Bring Order and Meaning To Your Useless Endorsements 48 comments
Traditional Keyboard Sounds Can be Decoded By Listening Over a VoIP Connection, Researchers Say 55 comments
ESA Lander's Signal Cut Out Just Before It Was Supposed To Land on Mars 242 comments
T-Mobile Fined $48 Million By FCC For Mischaracterizing 'Unlimited' Plan and Throttling Users' Data 142 comments
Amazon Japan's Manga-Ready Kindle Has 8 Times the Storage 82 comments
Spanish Police Arrest Their First Ever eBook Pirate 48 comments
DNA Testing For Jobs May Be On Its Way, Warns Gartner 224 comments
Samsung Tried to Bribe Chinese Man To Keep Exploding Phone Video Private 120 comments
Medal Medal Ecuador Acknowledges Limiting Julian Assange's Web Access 403 comments
Chrome For Android Gets Its Own Canary Channel 22 comments
Why Your Devices Are Probably Eroding Your Productivity 93 comments
'Cultlike' Devotion: Apple Once Refused To Join Open Compute Project, So Their Entire Networking Team Quit 222 comments
CIA-Backed Surveillance Tool 'Geofeedia' Was Marketed To Public Schools 41 comments
Samsung Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Exploding Galaxy Note 7 41 comments
Patriots Coach Bill Belichick on Microsoft Surface: 'I Just Can't Take It Anymore' 183 comments
Report: Apple To Unveil New Macs At An October 27th Event In Cupertino 142 comments
Plaintiffs From Seven States Sue Comcast For Misleading, Hidden Fees 79 comments
Half of American Adults Are In a Face-Recognition Database 63 comments
Clinton Campaign Considered Bill Gates, Tim Cook For Vice President 171 comments
CO2 To Ethanol In One Step With Cheap Catalyst 227 comments
Microsoft Claims Its Speech Transcription AI is Now Better Than Human Professionals 97 comments
Medal Apple is 'Intransigent, Closed and Controlling' Say Banks 283 comments
Samsung is Setting Up Note 7 Exchange Booths at Airports Around the World 45 comments
Netflix's Big Bet on Original Shows Finally Seen Paying Off 90 comments
Medal Windows is the Most Open Platform There is, Says Satya Nadella 283 comments
Medal Medal Americans Work 25% More Than Europeans, Study Finds 398 comments
Say Hello To Branded Internet Addresses 146 comments
Millimeter-wave 5G Modem Coming Mid-2018 With 5Gbps Peak Download 39 comments
1 In 2 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Owners To Switch To iPhone 7, Says Analyst 212 comments
Medal Medal Slashdot Asks: Do We Need To Plan For a Future Without Jobs And Should We Resort To Universal Basic Income? 877 comments
Venus May Have Been the First Habitable Planet In Our Solar System, Study Suggests 123 comments
Orbital ATK Returns To Flight With Successful Antares Launch To Space Station 65 comments
Anti-Defamation League and Pepe the Frog's Creator Are Teaming Up To Save Pepe From Hate-Symbol Status 376 comments
Medal Medal Project Include Drops Y Combinator As Peter Thiel Pledges $1.25 Million To Trump 607 comments
Razer Acquires THX, the Audio Pioneer That George Lucas Started 44 comments
The Linux Foundation Helps Launch the JS Foundation 34 comments
It's Entirely Reasonable For Police To Swipe a Suspicious Gift Card, Says Court 203 comments
Ethiopia's State of Emergency Makes Posting To Facebook a Crime 38 comments
Tomorrow's Wars Will Be Livestreamed 75 comments
Hackers Steal Credit Card Data From Visitors of US Senate GOP Committee Website 27 comments
WikiLeaks: Ecuador Cut Off Assange's Internet Access 308 comments
Samsung Announces 10nm SoC In Mass-Production 49 comments
Apple and Other Tech Companies Have Registered Their IP in Jamaica, Tonga, and Elsewhere For Years 42 comments
FTC Says It May Be Unable To Regulate Comcast, Google, and Verizon 86 comments
Russia Today: NatWest To Close Russian Channel's UK Bank Accounts 129 comments
UK Police Begins Deployment of 22,000 Police Body Cameras 65 comments
Journalists Face Jail Time After Reporting on North Dakota Pipeline Protest 355 comments
UK Security Agencies Unlawfully Collected Data For 17 Years, Court Rules 56 comments
Google's AI Can Now Learn From Its Own Memory Independently 70 comments
Medal Medal Assange Internet Link Cut By State Actor, Claims Wikileaks 471 comments
London Insists on English Requirement For Private Hire Drivers 196 comments
More Unblocking Companies Give Up Their Fight Against Netflix 210 comments
Medal Medal More Performers Are Demanding Audiences Lock Up Their Phones 548 comments
Amazon Showcases Twitch With a Massive Free Videogame 59 comments
Medal Medal Report: Russian Hackers Phished The DNC And Clinton Campaign Using Fake Gmail Forms 431 comments
China Just Launched Two Astronauts Into Orbit 261 comments
Google's Go Language Surges In Popularity 249 comments
Cyber Attackers Have Successfully Hit A Nuclear Power Plant And A Lab 55 comments
More Lithium Battery Product Recalls Predicted 99 comments
There's Bugs In The Windows 10 Implementation of Bash 163 comments
Germany Tells Tesla To Not Advertise Autopilot Feature, Fears Drivers Will Become Less Attentive 106 comments
Will The iPhone 8 Include Augmented Reality? 55 comments
Accused British 'Flash Crash' Stock Trader To Be Extradited To The US 205 comments
Firefox Users Reach HTTPS Encryption Milestone 63 comments
Medal When Mercedes-Benz Starts Selling Self-Driving Cars, It Will Prioritize Driver's Safety Over Pedestrian's 365 comments
Apple To Obsolete iPhone 4 and Late 2010 MacBook Air On October 31 114 comments
Greenland Is Very Mad About the Toxic Waste the US Left Buried Under Its Ice 208 comments
5-Year-Old Hosting Service AllMyVideos, No Longer Profitable, To Shut Down 58 comments
NASA's Plan To Put Juno Closer To Jupiter Delayed 6 comments
No One Wants To Buy Twitter 313 comments
Medal Transcripts of Clinton's Wall Street Talks Released in New Wikileaks Dump 394 comments
China Has Now Eclipsed The US in AI Research 97 comments
Medal CIA Prepping For Possible Cyber Strike Against Russia 332 comments
Uber's Ad-Toting Drones Are Heckling Drivers Stuck in Traffic 60 comments
Maths Becomes Biology's Magic Number 75 comments
Silicon Valley Big Data Startup Palantir Responds To Labor Department's Discrimination Lawsuit 74 comments
Instacart Reverses Course After Backlash From Shoppers Over Plans To Eliminate Tips 97 comments
The Slashdot Interview With Security Expert Mikko Hypponen: 'Backupception' 38 comments
The White House Open Sources President Obama's Facebook Messenger Bot To 'Bring the Gov't To You' 36 comments
Proud Cyborg Athletes Compete In The World's First Cybathlon 19 comments
Medal EFF Co-Founder Announces Benefit Concert to Pay His Medical Bills 194 comments
Medal Scientific Breakthrough Increases Plant Yields By One Third 197 comments
California City Converts Its Street Lights Into A High-Speed IoT Backbone 61 comments
Google Reveals It Received Secret FBI Subpoena 60 comments
Netflix Is 12x As Popular As Its Streaming Competitors Among Younger Viewers, Says Survey 44 comments
NASA Has No Plans To Buy More Soyuz Seats 87 comments
Non-Cable Internet Providers Offer Faster Speeds To the Wealthy 168 comments
Smartphones Are 'Contaminating' Family Life, Study Suggests 84 comments
Hackers Hit 6,000 Sites On Active 18-Month Carding Spree 39 comments
Verizon Is Now Selling Unlimited Data In 30-Minute Increments 56 comments
Medal Medal Top Democrats Request FBI Investigation of Trump Campaign Ties To Russia Over Hacking 490 comments
Medal Billionaire Tech Investors Support Divisive Plan To Ban San Francisco's Homeless Camps 269 comments
Shadow Warrior 2 Developers Say DRM Is a Waste of Time 99 comments
Android Trojan Asks Victims To Submit a Selfie Holding Their ID Card 25 comments
Yahoo Dodges Questions On Hacking, Verizon Deal By Canceling Earnings Call 27 comments
US Issues Emergency Ban On Flying With Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Offenders May Face Criminal Prosecution 103 comments
Apple's Redesigned London Store Has Untethered iPhones 76 comments
Russia Builds Microwave Weapon To Take Down Enemy Drones 154 comments
Medal 2016 Has Been an Ugly Year For Tech Layoffs, and It's Going To Get Worse, Says Analyst 272 comments
In Samsung's Town in Vietnam, Workers Confident of Riding Out Note 7 Storm 29 comments
Images Show Further Damage To Great Barrier Reef, But Scientists Assure It's Not Dead 99 comments
It's Time For Laptop Companies To Switch To Precision Touchpad 183 comments
Yahoo Explains Why It Recently Disable Automatic Forwarding On Yahoo Mail; Reinstates the Feature 51 comments
Apple CEO Tim Cook On Virtual Reality: There's No Substitute For Human Contact 116 comments
OpenCAPI: Google and IBM Lead Tech Consortium To Speed Data Centre Performance 11 comments
Google To Divide Its Index, Giving Mobile Users Better and Fresher Content 113 comments
DHS Warns of Mirai Botnet Threat To Cellular Modems 21 comments
Facebook Now Lets You Use Google Cast or AirPlay To Stream Video On Your TV 31 comments
KDE Turns 20, Happy Birthday! 127 comments
President Obama Orders Government To Plan For 'Space Weather' 169 comments
Google Creates AI Program That Uses Reasoning To Navigate the London Tube 76 comments
Samsung Will Credit You $100 If You Exchange Your Note 7 For Another Samsung Phone 123 comments
Medal Google News Introduces Fact Check Feature -- Just In Time For the US Election 367 comments
Ken Bone May Have Violated FTC Guidelines With Uber Tweet 95 comments
HP Plans To Cut Up To 4,000 Jobs Over Next 3 Years Amid PC Slump 116 comments
Android Devices That Contain Foxconn Firmware May Have a Secret Backdoor 95 comments
Evernote Confirms a Serious Bug Caused Data Loss For Some Mac Users 31 comments
Verizon Believes Yahoo Email Hacking 'Material,' Could Affect Deal 14 comments
Medal 4Chan Hackers Claim To Have Remotely Wiped John Podesta's iPhone and iPad 269 comments
You Can Now Claim Your Cash In the PS3 'Other PS3' Settlement 85 comments
Medal The Universe Has 20 Times More Galaxies Than We Thought 258 comments

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