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Patreon Scraps New Service Fee, Apologizes To Users 0 comments
Google To Open AI Center In China Despite Search Ban 18 comments
The Environmental Cost of Internet Porn 118 comments
Maker of Sneaky Mac Adware Sends Security Researcher Cease-and-Desist Letters 44 comments
Universities Spend Millions on Accessing Results of Publicly Funded Research 51 comments
Someone Used Wet String To Get a Broadband Connection 55 comments
Mirai IoT Botnet Co-Authors Plead Guilty 23 comments
Uber's Massive Scraping Program Collected Data About Competitors Around The World 23 comments
Old Crypto Vulnerability Hits Major Tech Firms 30 comments
Medal Almost 45 Million Tons of E-waste Discarded Last Year 147 comments
Medal Russia-Linked Accounts Were Active on Facebook Ahead of Brexit 177 comments
Andy Rubin's Essential Phone Considered Anything But 92 comments
Net Neutrality Protests Move Online, Yet Big Tech Is Quiet 62 comments
Medal No Matter What Happens With Net Neutrality, an Open Internet Isn't Going Anywhere, Says Former FCC Chairman 162 comments
What Does Artificial Intelligence Actually Mean? 107 comments
AMD Is Open-Sourcing Their Official Vulkan Linux Driver 60 comments
Why Meteoroids Explode Before Hitting the Earth 56 comments
Medal The Silicon Valley Paradox: One In Four People Are At Risk of Hunger 325 comments
Medal Medal Trump Signs Law Forcing Drone Users To Register With Government 422 comments
Instagram Will Now Let You Follow Hashtags In Your Main Feed 22 comments
Trump Signs Into Law US Government Ban on Kaspersky Lab Software 133 comments
Twitter Officially Launches 'Threads,' a New Feature For Easily Posting Tweetstorms 39 comments
Former Uber Employees Have Gone Into Debt To Hang Onto Shares They Can't Sell 68 comments
Searchable Database of 1.4 Billion Stolen Credentials Found On Dark Web 67 comments
SEC Shuts Down Munchee ICO 41 comments
Ajit Pai Offers No Data For Latest Claim That Net Neutrality Hurt Small ISPs 209 comments
Tech Support Scammers Invade Spotify Forums To Rank in Search Engines 33 comments
Nintendo Switch Sales Hit 10 Million Units, Could Outdo the Wii 77 comments
Paris Summit Finds New Money, Tech To Fight Climate Change 191 comments
Why Is Anime Obsessed With Power Lines? 221 comments
We've Toned Down the 'Destroying Society' Shtick, Facebook Insists 101 comments
SEC Warns 'Extreme Caution' Over Cryptocurrency Investments As Many People Take Out Mortgages To Buy Bitcoin 229 comments
Inside Faraday Future's Financial House of Cards 44 comments
Why Google and Amazon Are Hypocrites 239 comments
Apple iMac Pro Goes on Sale December 14th 269 comments
Apple's Alleged Throttling of Older iPhones With Degraded Batteries Causes Controversy 167 comments
129 Million Americans Can Only Get Internet Service From Companies That Have Violated Net Neutrality 140 comments
France To Ban Mobile Phones In Schools 187 comments
Medal Medal Ask Slashdot: What Is Your View On UFO Sightings? 365 comments
Synthetic DNA-Based Drug Is First To Slow Progress of Huntington's Disease 35 comments
Bitcoin Fees Are Skyrocketing 260 comments
Ask Slashdot: Biggest IT Management Mistakes? 331 comments
Microsoft Releases Free Preview of Its Quantum Development Kit 30 comments
FCC Explains How Net Neutrality Will Be Protected Without Net Neutrality Rules 245 comments
In-Store WiFi Provider Used Starbucks Website To Generate Monero Coins 30 comments
AI-Assisted Fake Porn Is Here and We're All Screwed 281 comments
Apple Buys Shazam To Boost Apple Music 36 comments
President Trump Is Sending NASA Back To The Moon 303 comments
Medal Medal The First Women in Tech Didn't Leave -- Men Pushed Them Out 422 comments
LinkedIn Bro Poetry Pretty Much Sums Up 2017 51 comments
How Email Open Tracking Quietly Took Over the Web 115 comments
Net Neutrality: 'Father Of Internet' Joins Tech Leaders in Condemning Repeal Plan 170 comments
Google Releases Tool To Help iPhone Hackers 52 comments
The Case that Bitcoin Is a Bubble 263 comments
Bitcoin Futures Surge In First Day Of Trading 63 comments
Medal Medal Former Facebook Exec Says Social Media is Ripping Apart Society 404 comments
German Intelligence Warns of Increased Chinese Cyberspying 70 comments
Fired Tech Workers Turn To Chatbots for Counseling 96 comments
HP Laptops Found To Have Hidden Keylogger 114 comments
Medal Ask Slashdot: What's the Best Way to Retrain Old IT Workers? 342 comments
Google's Machine Learning Is Analyzing Data From NASA's Kepler Space Telescope 27 comments
Medal Medal Does Systemd Makes Linux Complex, Error-Prone, and Unstable? 735 comments
After Automating Order-Taking, Fast Food Chains Had to Hire More Workers 234 comments
Researchers Say Human Lifespans Have Already Hit Their Peak 246 comments
Launch of Bitcoin Futures Trading Crashes CBOE Site 97 comments
Top iOS Apps of 2017: Bitmoji Beats Snapchat, YouTube, and Facebook Messenger 27 comments
Coinbase Warns During Times of High Volatility, Access Could Become 'Unavailable' 89 comments
Medal Exhausted Amazon Drivers Are Working 11-Hour Shifts For Less Than Minimum Wage 324 comments
Did Programming Language Flaws Create Insecure Apps? 99 comments
FCC Refuses Records For Investigation Into Fake Net Neutrality Comments 164 comments
Microsoft's 'Malware Protection Engine' Had A Remote Code Execution Flaw 54 comments
New Satellite Experiment Helps Confirm Einstein's Equivalence Principle 71 comments
Touting Government/Industry 'Partnership' on Security Practices, NIST Drafts Cybersecurity Framework Update 15 comments
Ask Slashdot: Are There Any Good Smartwatches Or Fitness Trackers? 250 comments
Medal Medal 'Cards Against Humanity' Gives Out $1000 Checks 412 comments
Intel's ME May Be Massively Infringing on Minix3's Free Software License 249 comments
San Diego Comic-Con Wins Trademark Suit Against 'Salt Lake Comic Con' 116 comments
Autocratic Governments Can Now 'Buy Their Own NSA' 109 comments
China Has Launched the World's First All-Electric Cargo Ship 150 comments
Emotion Recognition Systems Could Be Used In Job Interviews 145 comments
Google Glitch Took Thousands of Chromebooks Offline 77 comments
Updated Debian Linux 9.3 and 8.10 Released 49 comments
Medal "The FCC Still Doesn't Know How the Internet Works" 289 comments
Medal What Mistakes Can Stall An IT Career? 207 comments
Reporter Regrets Letting Amazon's Delivery People Into His House 114 comments
Patreon Hits Donors With New Fees, Angering Creators 143 comments
People Keep Finding Hidden Cameras in Their Airbnbs 166 comments
Medal Medal Sexual Harassment In Tech Is As Old As the Computer Age 412 comments
Reading Information Aloud To Yourself Improves Memory 53 comments
Toyota's New Power Plant Will Create Clean Energy From Manure 74 comments
Medal People Who Can't Remember Their Bitcoin Passwords Are Really Freaking Out Now 202 comments
Insurers Are Rewarding Tesla Owners For Using Autopilot 140 comments
Zero-Day iOS HomeKit Vulnerability Allowed Remote Access To Smart Accessories Including Locks 39 comments
'Process Doppelganging' Attack Bypasses Most Security Products, Works On All Windows Versions 125 comments
Google Puts Android Accessibility Crackdown On Hold 28 comments
Elon Musk Says Tesla Is Building Dedicated Chips For Autopilot 32 comments
Apple Is Reportedly Buying Shazam For Nearly Half a Billion Dollars 60 comments
Chrome 63 Offers Even More Protection From Malicious Sites, Using Even More Memory 63 comments
The Neon Glow of Tokyo Modified Car Culture 77 comments
Jony Ive Returns To Apple Design Management Role After Two Years 69 comments
Twitter Says It Accidentally Banned A Bunch Of Accounts 25 comments
YouTube to Launch New Music Subscription Service in March 58 comments
'Nature' Editorial Juxtaposes FOIA Email Release With Illegal Hacking 69 comments
Zimbabwe's Internet Went Down for About Five Hours. The Culprit Was Reportedly a Tractor. 63 comments
Bangladesh Bank, NY Fed Discuss Suing Manila Bank For Heist Damages 29 comments
Amazon Bringing Echo and Alexa To 80 Additional Countries in Major Global Expansion 38 comments
Medal 'Face Reality! We Need Net Neutrality!' Crowd Chants Across the Country 295 comments
Nvidia Announces 'Nvidia Titan V' Video Card: GV100 for $3000 51 comments
Medal About 40 Percent of Bitcoin Is Held By 1,000 Users. If a Few of Them Want To Sell, That Could Tank Values 241 comments
November Jobs Report: Economy Adds 228,000 Jobs; Unemployment Steady 119 comments
Almost All Bronze Age Artifacts Were Made From Meteorite Iron 132 comments
GE Cuts 12,000 Jobs In Response To Falling Demand For Fossil Fuel Energy 139 comments
Boeing CEO Says Boeing Will Beat SpaceX To Mars 128 comments
The US Is Testing a Microwave Weapon To Stop North Korea's Missiles 217 comments
Medal ISP Disclosures About Data Caps and Fees Eliminated By Net Neutrality Repeal 281 comments
Android 8.0 Oreo For Android Wear Released 9 comments
What It Looks Like When You Fry Your Eye In An Eclipse 135 comments
Bank of America Wins Patent For Crypto Exchange System 52 comments
Apple Has Ruined Its Podcasts App 134 comments
Tesla Could Be Hogging Batteries and Causing a Global Shortage, Says Report 159 comments
Volkswagen Executive Sentenced To Maximum Prison Term For His Role In Dieselgate 101 comments
Cryptocurrency Miners Are Using Old Tires to Power Their Rigs 79 comments
No One Makes a Living on Crowdfunding Website Patreon 182 comments
Inside Oracle's Cloak-and-dagger Political War With Google 84 comments
Google's Mobile Search Results Now Include Videos Of Celebrities Answering Your Questions 63 comments
Amazon Opens Registration For .BOT Domain Name 44 comments
Kaspersky To Close Washington Office But Expand Non-State Sales 65 comments
San Francisco To Restrict Goods Delivery Robots 114 comments
Medal Medal Bitcoin Nears $17,000 After Climbing About $4,000 in Less Than a Day 464 comments
Uber Paid 20-year-old Florida Man To Keep Data Breach Secret 27 comments
Keylogger Found On Nearly 5,500 WordPress Sites 83 comments
The Firestorm This Time: Why Los Angeles Is Burning 231 comments
Airlines Restrict 'Smart Luggage' Over Fire Hazards Posed By Batteries 108 comments
Jordan Peele To Executive Produce CBS 'The Twilight Zone' Reboot 64 comments
Medal Medal Earth Will Likely Be Much Warmer In 2100 Than We Anticipated, Scientists Warn 375 comments
Medal Victims of Mystery Attacks In Cuba Left With Anomalies In Brain Tissue 233 comments
Medal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit That Claims Google Paid Female Employees Less Than Male Colleagues 254 comments
Warrantless Surveillance Can Continue Even If Law Expires, Officials Say 68 comments
ReactOS 0.4.7 Released 93 comments
FCC Chair Ajit Pai Falsely Claims Killing Net Neutrality Will Help Sick and Disabled People 205 comments
AMD Quietly Made Some Radeon RX 560 Graphics Cards Worse 40 comments
Medal Ask Slashdot: How Do I Explain Copyright To My Kids? 326 comments
EU Urges Internet Companies To Do More To Remove Extremist Content 79 comments
Apple Issues Security Updates for MacOS, iOS, TvOS, WatchOS, and Safari 30 comments

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