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US ISP Goes Down As Two Malware Families Go To War Over Its Modems 7 comments
Facebook Shows Related Articles and Fact Checkers Before You Open Links 10 comments
AT&T Brings Fiber To Rich Areas While the Rest Are Stuck On DSL, Study Finds 44 comments
Netflix Is Now In China Via a Deal With iQiyi 8 comments
Murdered Woman's Fitbit Nails Cheating Husband 50 comments
EU Lawmakers Include Spotify and iTunes In Geoblocking Ban 19 comments
Streaming Services Help Global Music Industry To Fastest Growth in Nearly 20 Years 29 comments
IBM Watson Now Being Used To Catch Rogue Traders 51 comments
Medal In Costly Bay Area, Even Six-Figure Salaries Are Considered 'Low Income' 242 comments
China To Boost Non-Fossil Fuel Use To 20 Percent By 2030 36 comments
Uber is Getting Serious About Building Real, Honest-To-God Flying Taxis 74 comments
Alphabet's Self-Driving Cars To Get Their First Real Riders 42 comments
BitTorrent Inventor Bram Cohen Will Start His Own Cryptocurrency 86 comments
Google Looks at People As it Pledges To Fight Fake News and 'Offensive' Content 139 comments
Antivirus Webroot Deletes Windows Files, Causes Serious Problems For Users 58 comments
Medal Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales is Launching an Online Publication To Fight Fake News 160 comments
Medal Gamers in Hawaii Can't Compete... Because of Latency 234 comments
Marissa Mayer Will Make $186 Million on Yahoo's Sale To Verizon 148 comments
BrickerBot, the Permanent Denial-of-Service Botnet, Is Back With a Vengeance 93 comments
Intel Launches Optane Memory That Makes Standard Hard Drives Perform Like SSDs 136 comments
In Preparation For Model 3, Tesla Plans To Double the Size of Its Supercharger Network This Year 159 comments
Medal How Online Shopping Makes Suckers of Us All 230 comments
A Caterpillar May Lead To a 'Plastic Pollution' Solution 68 comments
Uber Gets Sued Over Alleged 'Hell' Program To Track Lyft Drivers 33 comments
Square Said To Acquire Team From Struggling Social App Yik Yak 15 comments
Slashdot Asks: Which Wireless Carrier Do You Prefer? 195 comments
NSA's DoublePulsar Kernel Exploit a 'Bloodbath' 169 comments
Lyrebird Claims It Can Recreate Anyone's Voice Based On Just a 1 Minute Sample 118 comments
Verizon's $70 Gigabit Internet Is Half the Price of Older 750Mbps Tier 66 comments
Microsoft's Nadella Banks On LinkedIn Data To Challenge Salesforce 34 comments
Apple Cuts Affiliate Commissions on Apps and In-App Purchases 64 comments
Linux 4.11 Delayed For a Week 43 comments
Medal Medal Ontario Launches Universal Basic Income Pilot 486 comments
The EPA Won't Be Shutting Down Its Open Data Website After All 42 comments
Amazon Might Be Planning To Use Driverless Cars for Delivery 108 comments
World's First Vaccine Against Malaria To Arrive Next Year, Says WHO 79 comments
The Linux Foundation Launches IoT-focused Open Source EdgeX Foundry 32 comments
Some of the Biggest Economies Aren't a Big User Of Social Media 75 comments
No Longer a Dream: Silicon Valley Takes On the Flying Car 147 comments
Medal Billionaire Jack Ma Says CEOs Could Be Robots in 30 Years, Warns of Decades of 'Pain' From AI 277 comments
Amazon Launches Marketplace For Digital Subscriptions 7 comments 'Heartbroken' After Being Caught Selling User Data To Uber 109 comments
Aurora Enthusiasts Discover A Strange New Light In The Sky And Named It Steve 56 comments
Richard Stallman Interviewed By Bryan Lunduke 165 comments
Wall Street IT Engineer Hacks Employer To See If He'll Be Fired 192 comments
Medal Medal Ask Slashdot: Do You Like Functional Programming? 403 comments
Scientists Consider 'Cloud Brightening' To Preserve Australia's Great Barrier Reef 105 comments
Medal Is Social Media Making Us Hate Each Other? 304 comments
Uber Tried To Hide Its Secret IPhone Fingerprinting From Apple 113 comments
Companies Are Paying Millions For White Hat Hacking 55 comments
Startup Still Working On 'Immortal Avatars' That Will Live Forever 90 comments
America's Most-Hated ISP Is Now Hated By Fewer People 97 comments
Flawed Online Tutorials Led To Vulnerabilities In Software 93 comments
'Detergent' Hydroxl Molecules May Affect Methane Levels In The Atmosphere 68 comments
Pioneering Researchers Track Sudden Learning 'Epiphanies' 30 comments
CIA, FBI Launch Manhunt For WikiLeaks Source 198 comments
Medal Medal Slashdot Asks: What Was Your First Programming Language? 624 comments
Should Ignore Robots.txt Directives And Cache Everything? 172 comments
Linux PC Maker System76 Plans To Design And Manufacture Its Own Hardware 101 comments
Microsoft Will Block Desktop 'Office' Apps From 'Office 365' Services In 2020 216 comments
Medal Can Geoengineering Drones Fight Global Warming? 265 comments
Steve Case On How To Get Funded Outside Tech Corridors 35 comments 'Gets Out Of The Email Business' 72 comments
Anbox Can Run Android Apps Natively On Linux (In A Container) 66 comments
Waymo Is Using Grand Theft Auto V To Help Teach Its Self-Driving Cars 56 comments
Medal Medal Systemd-Free Devuan Announces Its First Stable Release Candidate 'Jessie' 1.0.0 351 comments
Stack Overflow Reveals Which Programming Languages Are Most Used At Night 97 comments
Medal Can Parents Sue If Their Kid Is Born With the 'Wrong' DNA? 266 comments
Microsoft Will Support Python In SQL Server 2017 98 comments
WikiLeaks Releases New CIA Secret: Tapping Microphones On Some Samsung TVs 100 comments
107 Cancer Papers Retracted Due To Peer Review Fraud 142 comments
Light Sail Propulsion Could Reach Sirius Sooner Than Alpha Centauri 170 comments
EFF Says Google Chromebooks Are Still Spying On Students 84 comments
Britain Set For First Coal-Free Day Since Industrial Revolution 206 comments
All-Electric 'Flying Car' Takes Its First Test Flight In Germany 174 comments
Developer of BrickerBot Malware Claims He Destroyed Over Two Million Devices 88 comments
Cycling To Work Can Cut Cancer and Heart Disease 230 comments
Apple Hires Top Google Satellite Executives For New Hardware Team 12 comments
Medal Medal Ask Slashdot: How Do You Explain 'Don't Improve My Software Syndrome' Or DIMSS? 384 comments
Samsung Will Fix the Galaxy S8 Red Tint Issue With a Software Update 31 comments
DOJ: Russian 'Superhacker' Gets 27 Years In Prison 50 comments
Theranos Used Shell Company To Secretly Buy Outside Lab Equipment, Says Report 42 comments
Microsoft Improves Gmail Experience For Windows 10 Insiders, But There Are Privacy Concerns 70 comments
Teenage Hackers Motivated By Morality Not Money, Study Finds 74 comments
LinkedIn Apologizes For Trying To Connect Everyone In Real Life 71 comments
Court Rules Fan Subtitles On TV and Movies Are Illegal 137 comments
Ocean Currents Are Sweeping Billions of Tiny Plastic Bits to the Arctic 49 comments
Red Hat Suffers Massive Data Center Network Outage 85 comments
Diet Sodas May Be Tied To Stroke, Dementia Risk 223 comments
Leaked Document Sheds Light On Microsoft's Chromebook Rival 91 comments
Medal Louisiana's Governor Declares State Of Emergency Over Disappearing Coastline 307 comments
In The First Months of Trump Era, Facebook And Apple Spent More On Lobbying Than They Ever Have 53 comments
Trump's FCC Votes To Allow Broadband Rate Hikes Will Deprive More Public Schools From Getting Internet Access 256 comments
Inside Elon Musk's New Company Neuralink Which Aims To Fight Brain Conditions And Help Humanity Survive in the Age of AI 63 comments
Medal Medal US Prepares Charges To Seek Arrest of WikiLeaks' Julian Assange 369 comments
Neuroscientists Offer a Reality Check On Facebook's 'Typing By Brain' Project 58 comments
CEO of Silicon Valley's $400 Juicer Promises Refunds After Hand-Squeezing Demonstration 146 comments
Ambient Light Sensors Can Be Used To Steal Browser Data 37 comments
Plastc Swiped $9 Million From Backers, Now It Plans To File For Bankruptcy and Shut Down 168 comments
Canada Rules To Uphold Net Neutrality 65 comments
Apple Forces Recyclers To Shred All iPhones and MacBooks 223 comments
Medal Subway Sues Canada Network Over Claim Its Chicken Is 50 Percent Soy 293 comments
Tesla Recalls 53,000 Model S, Model X Cars For Stuck Parking Brakes 106 comments
Google Home Now Recognizes Specific Users' Voices, Gains Support For Multiple Accounts 48 comments
FCC Takes First Step Toward Allowing More Broadcast TV Mergers 71 comments
Airbnb Fires Back, Accuses Hotel Industry Of Punishing the Middle-Class 106 comments
CC'ing the Boss on Email Makes Employees Feel Less Trusted, Study Finds 148 comments
China's First Cargo Spacecraft Launch a 'Crucial Step' To Space Station 20 comments
File System Improvements To the Windows Subsystem for Linux 109 comments
Amazon Cloud Chief Jabs Oracle: 'Customers Are Sick of It' 81 comments
Mastercard is Building Fingerprint Scanners Directly Into Its Cards 85 comments
Microsoft Says It Will Release Two Feature Updates Per Year For Windows 10, Office 62 comments
Medal President Trump Misses 90-Day Deadline To Appoint a Cybersecurity Team After Alleged Russian Hacking 338 comments
Discovery May Help Decipher Ancient Inca String Code 40 comments
Wikipedia's 'Ban' of 'The Daily Mail' Didn't Really Happen 70 comments
The Biggest Time Suck at the Office Might Be Your Computer 168 comments
MIT No Longer Owns 129 comments
Microsoft To Shut Down Wunderlist, an App It Acquired Two Years Ago, In Favor Of Homegrown App To-Do 58 comments
Physicists Observe 'Negative Mass' 117 comments
China To Question Apple About Live-Streaming Apps On App Store That Violate Internet Regulations 31 comments
Medal Medal 95% Engineers in India Unfit For Software Development Jobs: Report 440 comments
No, Millennials Aren't a Bunch of Job-Hopping Flakes 214 comments
Qualcomm Collected Partial iPhone Royalties Despite Legal Battle With Apple 14 comments
South Indian Frog Oozes Molecule That Inexplicably Decimates Flu Viruses 114 comments
States Are Moving To Cut College Costs By Introducing Open-Source Textbooks 123 comments
Medal First Evidence For Higher State of Consciousness Found 288 comments
Navy, Marines Prohibit Sharing Nude Photos In Wake of a Facebook Scandal 132 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Are Good Books On Inventing, Innovating and Doing R&D? 102 comments
Toyota Unveils Plan For Hydrogen Powered Semi Truck 153 comments
Tesla Settles Lawsuit Against Former Autopilot Program Director Accused of Stealing Info, Engineers 40 comments
Microsoft's Skype Is Most Used Messaging Service For Cyber Criminals, Study Finds 57 comments
Pirate Bay Founder Launches Anonymous Domain Registration Service 60 comments
Facebook is Working On a Way To Let You Type With Your Brain 97 comments
Newest Firefox Browser Bashes Crashes 133 comments
Ubuntu Is Switching to Wayland 227 comments
TED Wants To Remind Us That Ideas -- Not Politicians -- Shape the Future 262 comments
Nintendo To Launch SNES Mini This Year, Reports Eurogamer 94 comments
Medal Medal Silicon Valley's $400 Juicer May Be Feeling the Squeeze 354 comments
The Slashdot Interview With Lithium-Ion Battery Inventor John B. Goodenough 102 comments
Bose Headphones Secretly Collected User Data, Lawsuit Reveals 230 comments
Facebook Owns Four Out of the Five Most Downloaded Apps Worldwide 54 comments
Baidu Announces New Open Platform To Help Speed Up Development of Self-Driving Cars 27 comments
Medal Medal Scientists Invent Ultrasonic Dryer That Uses Sound To Dry Your Clothes 437 comments
Broadband Expansion Could Trigger Dangerous Surge In Space Junk 129 comments
Medal Physicists Detect Whiff of New Particle At the Large Hadron Collider 178 comments
Medal How Tilt Went From Hot $375 Million Startup To Fire Sale 167 comments

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