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The Supreme Court Will Decide If Apple's App Store Is a Monopoly 12 comments
iOS 12 Will Automatically Share Your iPhone Location With 911 Centers 21 comments
Google To Invest $550 Million In Chinese E-Commerce Giant 8 comments
HPE Announces World's Largest ARM-based Supercomputer 35 comments
Android Messages Will Now Let You Send Texts From Your Computer 40 comments
The 'World's Worst' Smart Padlock Is Even Worse Than Previously Thought 68 comments
Google Maps Removes Uber Integration 26 comments
75% of Malware Uploaded on 'No-Distribute' Scanners Is Unknown To Researchers 9 comments
Medal President Trump Directs Pentagon To Create New 'Space Force' Military Branch 321 comments
YouTube Videos From Some High-Profile Channels Have Disappeared 68 comments
Google Is Training Machines To Predict When a Patient Will Die 104 comments
Amazon Shareholders To Jeff Bezos: Stop Marketing Facial Recognition Tool 55 comments
Norway Tests Tiny Electric Plane, Sees Passenger Flights by 2025 105 comments
US Eyes Robot Moon Missions as it Prepares For Astronauts' Return 80 comments
Medal WHO Classifies 'Gaming Disorder' as Mental Health Condition 145 comments
Linux 4.18 Preparing Many New Features While Dropping 100k+ Lines of Code 77 comments
Medal macOS Breaks Your OpSec by Caching Data From Encrypted Hard Drives 130 comments
Australia Discontinues Its National Biometric ID Project 41 comments
Dutch Town Uses High-Tech Streetlights To Keep Their Bats Happy 75 comments
New Commercial Amiga 500 Game Released 110 comments
Man Reports PillCam Stuck In His Gut For Over 12 Weeks 166 comments
Medal Gaming Companies Remove Analytics App After Massive User Outcry 191 comments
Medal Fake Earthquake Detected In Mexico City After Player's Goal In World Cup Match 209 comments
Gmail Proves That Some People Hate Smart Suggestions 173 comments
Medal Medal Diversity At Google Hasn't Changed Much Over the Last Year 399 comments
Venmo Is Going All In On Mobile Payments 52 comments
Sony's PlayStation 5 Will Launch In 2020 Powered By An AMD Navi GPU, Says Report 91 comments
Studies Find Evidence That Meditation Is Demotivating 159 comments
Was the Stanford Prison Experiment a Sham? 133 comments
US Government Finds New Malware From North Korea 91 comments
Machine Figures Out Rubik's Cube Without Human Assistance 84 comments
NASA's Most Experienced Astronaut Retires, Spent 665 Days In Space 48 comments
Personal Flying Machine Contest Gets 600 Entries 61 comments
'The Word Hack is Meaningless and Should Be Retired' 155 comments
Medal Medal America's Nuclear Reactors Can't Survive Without Government Handouts 430 comments
After a Decade, 77-Year-Old Gets Back $110,000 Lost In 'Nigerian Prince' Scam 126 comments
Medal Prosecution of UK News Photographer Collapses After Recording Disproves Police Testimony 205 comments
America's Former CTO Remembers Historic Coders 91 comments
'Open Source Security' Loses in Court, Must Pay $259,900 To Bruce Perens 116 comments
Why OpenStreetMap Should Be a Priority for the Open Source Community 119 comments
Eric Raymond Shares 'Code Archaeology' Tips, Urges Bug-Hunts in Ancient Code 103 comments
Killer Robots Will Only Exist If We Are Stupid Enough To Let Them 142 comments
Two Teenaged Gamers Plead 'Not Guilty' For Fatal Kansas Swatting Death 148 comments
Microsoft Program Manager Mistakenly Tweets Office 365 Will Be Rewritten in JavaScript 96 comments
Firefox's Pocket Tries to Build a Facebook-Style Newsfeed That Respects Your Privacy 103 comments
Samsung Plans To Use 100% Renewable Energy by 2020 60 comments
Medal Medal We're All Getting Dumber, Says Science 549 comments
Medal $950 Million Large Hadron Collider Upgrade 'Could Upend Particle Physics' 196 comments
The Most Important Study of the Mediterranean Diet Has Been Retracted 115 comments
The Silk Road's Alleged Right-Hand Man Will Finally Face a US Court 73 comments
Inside the Private Event Where Microsoft, Google, Salesforce and Other Rivals Share Security Secrets 48 comments
Chinese Cyber-Espionage Group Hacked Government Data Center 36 comments
Making Buildings, Cars and Planes From Materials Based on Plant Fibres 50 comments
US Files Criminal Charges Against Theranos's Elizabeth Holmes, Ramesh Balwani 124 comments
17 Backdoored Images Downloaded 5 Million Times Removed From Docker Hub 35 comments
Guy Robs Someone At Gunpoint For Domain Name, Gets 20 Years In Jail 134 comments
Time Warner Deal Aftermath: AT&T Is About To Give Free TV To Its Wireless Customers 51 comments
Medal Verizon's New Phone Plan Proves It Has No Idea What 'Unlimited' Actually Means 165 comments
Some Prominent Tech Companies Are Paying Big Money To Kill a California Privacy Initiative 82 comments
The Most Remote Island in the World is Home to Seals, Seabirds, and an Internet Top-Level Domain 90 comments
Apple Maps Was Down For All Users Earlier Today 74 comments
DeepMind Self-training Computer Creates 3D Model From 2D Snapshots 27 comments
South Africans in Cape Town and Johannesburg Pay Much More For Internet Usage Than New Yorkers 62 comments
6 Fitbit Employees Charged With Stealing Trade Secrets From Jawbone 80 comments
Medal Medal University of Chicago To Stop Requiring ACT and SAT Scores For Prospective Undergraduates 448 comments
Stephen Hawking's Voice Beamed Into Space as His Ashes Are Interred 110 comments
How the World Cup Plays Out Among Hackers 28 comments
A British Plumber May Show Uber the Future of Employment 96 comments
Chinese Ride-Sharing Giant Didi Chuxing Picks Its First English-Speaking Nation: To Enter Australia on June 25 70 comments
AT&T Completes $85 Billion Time Warner Acquisition 86 comments
Self-Driving Cars Likely Won't Steal Your Job (Until 2040) 128 comments
Windows 10 is Adding SwiftKey, Laying the Groundwork For Dual-Screen Tablets 41 comments
Adobe is Reviving the Stunning Lost Fonts of the Bauhaus 83 comments
Medal Most Organizations Are Not Fully Embracing DevOps 296 comments
Kaspersky Halts Europol Partnership After Controversial EU Parliament Vote 104 comments
Medal Medal Comey, Who Investigated Hillary Clinton For Using Personal Email For Official Business, Used His Personal Email For Official Business 446 comments
Cops Are Confident iPhone Hackers Have Found a Workaround to Apple's New Security Feature 126 comments
Samsung Unveils Chromebook Plus V2 74 comments
Medal Medal On The Sad State of Macintosh Hardware 517 comments
The CIA 'Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny' It Has Documents on Satoshi Nakamoto 66 comments
Antarctica Is Melting Three Times As Fast As a Decade Ago 289 comments
Another Day, Another Intel CPU Security Hole: Lazy State 110 comments
Microsoft is Working on Technology That Would Eliminate Cashiers and Checkout Lines From Stores, Says Report 252 comments
Comcast Says It Isn't Throttling Heavy Internet Users Anymore 175 comments
Elon Musk's Boring Company To Build High-Speed Transit Tunnels in Chicago 179 comments
Nearly Half the Patents on Marine Genes Belong To Just One Company 157 comments
Cybercrime is Costing Africa's Businesses Billions 47 comments
Uber Seeks Patent For AI That Determines Whether Passengers Are Drunk 103 comments
MIT's AI Uses Radio Signals To See People Through Walls 76 comments
China's Surveillance State Will Soon Track Cars 113 comments
China's Ambitions To Power the World's Electric Cars Took a Huge Leap Forward This Week 93 comments
78 Indigenous Languages Are Being Saved By Optical Scanning Tech 75 comments
Turkey Bans Periscope 87 comments
Medal 'Netflix and Alphabet Will Need To Become ISPs, Fast' 328 comments
Spanish Soccer League App In Google Play Wants To Use Phone Mics To Enforce Copyrights 77 comments
Volkswagen Fined One Billion Euros By German Prosecutors Over Emissions Cheating 116 comments
Britain's Dixons Carphone Discovers Data Breach Affecting 5.9 Million Payment Cards 32 comments
Medal Medal Laptops With 128GB of RAM Are Here 363 comments
Medal Medal Hundreds of Thousands of Windows XP and Vista Users Won't Be Able To Use Steam Soon 484 comments
Microsoft To Give Office 365, Apps a Makeover 88 comments
Bitcoin's Price Was Artificially Inflated Last Year, Researchers Say 207 comments
A Vulnerability in Cortana, Now Patched, Allowed Attacker To Access a Locked Computer, Change Its Password 59 comments
The End of Video Coding? 137 comments
Microsoft Explains How it Decides Whether a Vulnerability Will Be Patched Swiftly or Left For a Version Update 45 comments
'Waluigi Was Robbed and Humiliated by Nintendo' 88 comments
Chile Becomes First Country In Americas To Ban Plastic Bags 202 comments
Facebook May Ban Bad Businesses From Advertising 111 comments
The Internet Is Finally Going To Be Bigger Than TV Worldwide 60 comments
Medal Medal Solar Has Overtaken Gas, Wind As Biggest Source of New US Power 364 comments
Medal Seattle Repeals Tax That Upset Amazon 335 comments
Google Brings Offline Neural Machine Translations For 59 Languages To Its Translate App 46 comments
Sony Is Blocking Fortnite Cross-Play Between PS4, Nintendo Switch Players 90 comments
UK Watchdog Issues $334K Fine For Yahoo's 2014 Data Breach 29 comments
Apple Tries To Stop Developers Sharing Data On Users' Friends 21 comments
Giant African Baobab Trees Die Suddenly After Thousands of Years 174 comments
KDE Plasma 5.13 Released 94 comments
Senate Will Try To Reverse ZTE Deal Via a Must-Pass Defense Bill 139 comments
Judge Rules AT&T Can Acquire Time Warner 172 comments
5% of All Monero Currently In Circulation Has Been Mined Using Malware 37 comments
Internet Luminaries Urge EU To Kill Off Automated Copyright Filter Proposal 40 comments
Google Disables Inline Installation For Chrome Extensions 100 comments
Spanish Football League Defends Phone 'Spying' 86 comments
Intel Says Its First Discrete Graphics Chips Will Be Available in 2020 99 comments
Microsoft's Next-Gen Xbox Will Arrive in 2020: Report 69 comments
Carmel, Libra, and Andromeda Are the Next Wave of Surface Devices: Report 38 comments
Medal To Hit Climate Goals, Bill Gates and His Billionaire Friends Are Betting on Energy Storage 225 comments
Vietnam Lawmakers Approve Cyber Law Clamping Down on Tech Firms, Dissent 46 comments
Bugs Allowed Hackers To Make Malware Look Like Apple Software 72 comments
Facebook Offers Nearly 500 Pages of Answers To Congress' Questions From Zuckerberg's Testimony 62 comments
Honeybees Seem To Understand the Notion of Zero, Study Finds 154 comments
Mars Opportunity Rover Is In Danger of Dying From a Dust Storm 105 comments
Medal Experimental Spit Test Could Identify Men Most At Risk of Prostate Cancer 58 comments
Medal Inventor Says Google Is Patenting His Public Domain Work 164 comments
Medal Tesla's Autopilot To Get 'Full Self-Driving Feature' In August 180 comments

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