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+ - Intel releases power consumption software tool

Submitted by
zozzi writes ""What's eating the battery life of my laptop?" This is the question Linux Kernel developer Arjan van de Ven rhetorically asked in an announcement about a new PowerTOP utility released by Intel for detecting what Linux programs and kernel tunables are resulting in the most power consumption. "Why isn't it many more hours? Which software component causes the most power to be burned? These are important questions without a good answer... until now." "Intel is proud to announce the PowerTOP tool, a program that collects the various pieces of information from your system and presents an overview of how well your laptop is doing in terms of power savings. In addition, PowerTOP will provide an indication of which tunables and software components are the biggest offenders in slurping up your battery time. PowerTOP will update it's display frequently so that you can directly see the impact of any changes you are making.""

+ - Vista UK price estimates onfirmed by Microsoft

Submitted by
Liam Cromar
Liam Cromar writes "Microsoft has confirmed the estimated UK retail prices for the consumer versions of Windows Vista. Home Basic has an estimated price tag of £179.99, and Home Premium an estimate of £219.99. These figures support the suspicions that UK users may be charged between 50% to 80% more than users in the USA for essentially the same product."

+ - Bluetooth RF technology stirs up undergrad patents

Submitted by
aisnota writes "UW sues cellphone giants over undergrad's invention underpinning Bluetooth RF transmission technology. The least discussed portion of the story, "I can't think of another one where the inventor wasn't a Ph.D.", makes one wonder about how many undergrads work is pilfered by the Ph. D.'s whilst this one slipped through because of the analog nature of it. Sure CSR shares of stock are put into jeopardy for the big money people, but the real discussion is for all those unsung undergrads with sweet technology appropriated by others at great financial loss to those that did the artistry for real. Which examples do you know of where it appeared something more typical happened?"

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