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User Journal

Journal: Sigh

Journal by zeth

Wrote an entry to the journal half an hour ago, but when I clicked the preview button my web proxy could not contact slashdot, so all everything was lost.

I do not want to rewrite everyting now. Maybe later..


Journal: Linux, The Movie

Journal by zeth
Last night I saw it, The Code, Linux...

The first thing you see is Eric Steven Raymond being interviewed in what looks like a library.

The movie not only brings up Linux, but other related topics such as open source and GNU are also covered.

There are some information about Linus Torvalds upbringing aswell. His mother and father talks about his upbringing and first contact with computers. His father also talks about his politic standing and how it has affected Linus.

Other important people interviewed were for example Linus right hand Alan Cox. He talked about the kernel and how it is built by people all over the world, but Linus also talkes about the beginning and the Linux 0.01 release. The original e-mail to comp.os.minix is also cited.

The gurus talked and discussed the history of computing aswell as the future. Topics such as World wide web and even Arpanet were covered.

The only bad thing with this movie was probably the speaker voice. Is was a Finnish woman speaking English. The only thing was that she could not speak any English. In my opinion the creators should have chosen another speaker voice. Enough complaining though...

I believe this movie is too non-technical for Linux people, but it is probably a good thing for all non-technical people out there.

To sum it up I have to say this is a good movie explaining the movement surrounding Linux, and it is a must-see for everyone, not just for the Linux community as it widens your mind and makes you aware of other options available.

For more information about the movie please visit

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