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Comment Re:Am I the only guy here that likes G+? (Score 5, Insightful) 153

thinking the current bulk of users of facebook never heard of a myspace. they are the slow adopters forced into it through the social thing when they got their first ipod to keep up with their kids. parents and grandparents and teachers, they are not technology people, they just followed along and now they are stuck.

the people who are real movers have already left facebook in concept and are on to other social systems entirely.

google+ is the far better alternative to facebook in every way for the few of us who actually know, care, understand. Those few do not make much for a success story.

Comment what grade is this from? (Score 1) 425

in a paid professional environment, terms like 'rock star' and 'ninja' sound like giggly things our children might say about what they were learning in school today.

Our team members have a skill level where they started at hire time, and then they learn and grow from there, both in the general languages and in our platform they work with. Nobody comes in as a 'ninja'. The longer they have been here working and learning this environment, the more we can trust them to lead projects. Everyone either improves with time or eventually moves on to other things.

Is this myth thing about school then?

Comment Re:Hasn't this been proven to be junk science? (Score 1) 313

You have a negative impression of the company, you believe they are scammers. Thats fine but it is suspicion, not fact. They are doing exactly what they claim. What they are doing can result in a future restoration. The practice of already developed processes is still a form of research that furthers the field. The current demand and increasing demand creates capital that pushes research forward. Better procedures are less likely to get developed if there isnt a current pressure for it now and that is what this organization does contribute, a need and financial pressure for better processes to be developed. The idea that this is just throwing money away is your opinion only. There is absolutely NOBODY who is getting rich off of this, there are far better ways to go about ripping people off.

One thing negative that is fair, these early adopters are highly unlikely to really experience resuscitation. But this path can only experience eventual success when there is a constant ongoing pressure of early adopters to push the field.

Comment Re:Because Grief is a harsh mistress (Score 1) 313

this makes absolutely no sense. her forefathers are not resting in peace they are non existing rot piles in boxes under the ground. "resting in peace" is a falsehood itself we just say it as a weak form of death acceptance.. There is no eternal undeadness in her situation that is any different from the corpse underground except for the remote possibility that someone might be able to revive her someday. And if not, she is just as equally dead as anybody else. Her tissues are simply not rotting away, thats the only difference, she is dead but her deterioration has been halted. Any disrespect is imagined or cultural based invention, but no actual perceivable trauma has occurred. The girl isnt sitting there crying about it and neither are the parents. Who is being harmed and how?

Comment Re:Hasn't this been proven to be junk science? (Score 2) 313

there is no coming back from that today.

it is not impossible for a regenerative process to one day be capable of solving this issue. it is also not impossible that the cryo methods will improve over time to reduce the amount of damage done. in time the two points will meet along the way somewhere and we will have the first restored person.

they may have the total iq of a pile of regurgitated watermelon, but they will have functioning neurons again in a way that resembles life.

the alternative for most of these people would be a box in the ground or a tube of ashes, how is that fate any better then one that gives science a playground?

i would do it. there are things that we can learn in this process. It might not be about eternal life but it could continue to help develop medical processes that further aid in combat medicine, traffic accident survival, advanced forms of cancer surgery or organ transplantation. If my body is dead anyways why not?

Comment Re:Hell No Hillary (Score 1) 676

the fact that you called me a conservative means i completely misunderstood your post at least three different ways. I thought you said the google search proved republicans were nearly infinitely corrupt and i replied that the numbers seem completely accurate. who the fuck are you even?

Comment proper instruction (Score 1) 315

tell him to go build the biggest sand castle he has ever built before. But it has to be twice as big as the sandbox he has to work with. Tell him there must be an individual entry way and a window for every toy he has in his toy box. It must be ready and meet your expectations by next monday, so no time with family or friends during this hussle. Also you will be out of town on vacation for the rest of the week, so monday is the first review/LAUNCH. Offer him a quarter to get the work done. If he complains about the pay or time tell him the less fortunate neighbor kids would do it for a nickel.

Comment Re:still ? (Score 1) 298

Saying that evolution might no longer be applicable is failing to understand what it is in the big picture in terms of evolution.

And why I was thinking the article has the tone that it does. It conflicts with the concept that somehow evolution no longer applies because of . You don't have to look very hard to find articles that talk about how the natural process has halted or been perverted by technology or government programs, or whatever. But that data reported here helps oppose this.

Comment Re:still ? (Score 1) 298

Right but i think the general message has been there though the last decade at least. Doesn't mean it makes sense, but regular articles talk about the woe of technology and the modernization of mankind ruins the normal process of things. So perhaps this assumption that evolution no longer applies stems from this, and hence the data to the contrary that gives us examples in action does get this much of a reaction.

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