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Comment: Single Class - and multiple elective options (Score 1) 313

by wulfhere (#46387705) Attached to: Should programming be a required curriculum in public schools?

Everyone should be required to take a single class, if for no better reason than to teach them A) some basic logic, and B) what's going on behind the scenes in the technology they use every day. And there's should be electives available every year, similar to band/orchestra/wood shop.

Comment: Obnoxious Ad (Score 2) 177

by wulfhere (#45477929) Attached to: Game Review: <em>Path of Exile</em> (Video)

Yes, I know you can click the transcript, but making us wade through a 2 minute video ad (with horribly choppy sound for me) seems pretty obnoxious. I doubt anybody from Slashdot or Dice is actually in here reading these comments, but if you are, I thought you should know that I'll be avoiding these kinds of articles from now on.

Comment: Re:The network says no (Score 1) 164

by wulfhere (#45347623) Attached to: Gate One Will Support X11: Fast Enough To Run VLC In Your Browser

Agreed. 50ms is long enough to get from Chicago to NY, TWICE, on fiber (and not using the special low-latency routes). I don't need it to be exactly like sitting at the workstation, I'm just looking for it to be USABLE, unlike Citrix connections that drop anytime someone sneezes at a NOC somewhere.

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