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Google And Microsoft Cross Swords Over Yahoo! 181

Posted by Zonk
from the just-a-tiny-bit-biased dept.
watzinaneihm writes "In a blog post Google has called Yahoo/Microsoft merger bad for the future of the internet. It is worried about the number of email and IM accounts this merged entity would control. Microsoft has countered with the argument that Google is actually the big bully in this instance, with most of the search market already tied up. The New York Times, in the meantime, has accused Google of a Microsoft fixation."

+ - Dreamhost down nearly 24 hours, thousands affected

Submitted by
dgtlmoon writes: "Following a planned power outage that went for an unplanned amount of time due to some burnt out cables discovered during the maintainence dreamhost.com hosted websites are down, some estimates are between 100,000 and 250,000 domains are affected, further-more when the power came back on they found a bunch of core routers to be dead and are having difficulty resuming normal operations, this is issue is just about to tick over to 24 hours open."
The Internet

+ - Microsoft: The World's Biggest Cybersquatter?

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: What happens if you use Internet Explorer and try to visit a domain that doesn't actually exist? Microsoft sends you to an automatically generated results page filled with related pay-per-click ads. Click any ad and MS earns $$$. Earthlink is doing this too and Charter just got into the game. Is Firefox next?

http://www.dailydomainer.com/200784-microsoft-eart hlink-charter-cybersquatting.html

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