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+ - Keep smiling, waste spammers' time with OpenBSD tools->

Submitted by badger.foo
badger.foo writes: When you're in the business of building the networks people need and the services they need to run on them, you may also be running a mail service. If you do, you will sooner or later need to deal with spam. This article is about how to waste spammers' time and have a good time while doing it, using the free tools OpenBSD offers to do your greylisting and greytrapping before any content filtering. It's fun and easy.
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Comment: Re:Decent prompt (Score 2, Informative) 159

by tholo (#12375636) Attached to: What UNIX Shell Config Settings Work for Newbies?
So, what do you do when you need to log in from somewhere / with some software that does not deal with ANSI color escape sequences?

I mean, at least GNU ls(1) will use terminfo to see if/what is possible to do...

What is it with people wanting their prompts (or les output!) colorized, anyways...?

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