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Journal Journal: in venezuela

caracas is quite warn and humid. not too surprising for a country that is close to the equator.

i happen to be sitting in on a talk right now about advanced networking and watching something get posted up about an Internet2 specific p2p network. you know, sometimes i think that kids really just need to do more drugs. drugs would prevent the pollution of r&e networks. yup. it is really that simple. legalize drugs and kids would not trade illegal music or look for pr0n. sigh.

anywho, i should prob be paying attention. i run away.

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Journal Journal: Poking at Google... part 2

A while back, I noticed that vanity searches on google found posts on slashdot before they found my work or personal web pages. So, I did the only thing that I could think of: post a link to the web pages in my journal.

Well, it is about a month since I posted a link to my personal web page. Google now sees it before any slashdot reference. Very interesting. Very powerful. Very disturbing.

So, the only thing left to do is to start linking to other points out in netland in the hopes that their rankings will go up. As amusing as this sounds, I am quite curious to see what happens.

As a note, searching for krees on google does not bring up the above linked page at all. Only three pages of results. We shall see...

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