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Comment: I wrote a GM script to do something similar once (Score 1) 115

by syphoon (#26771215) Attached to: Tool Shows the Arguments Behind Wikipedia Entries

I wrote a hackish Greasemonkey script to do something similar last year that just did it on the fly. Also tried to get a simple measure of how much was spam just by searching for simple keywords in the edit records.

I'd like to revisit the idea some time, because I'm sure you can also capture more details about the nature of editing (ie, how often are different parts edited, what keywords get added and removed most frequently, how many people are involved or is it just a revert war between two stubborn editors...) within a useful visualisation.


+ - Radiohead allows fans to decide on price 2

Submitted by
radicalskeptic writes "Radiohead, a band known to be unhappy with other music download services, has decided to release their next album, "In Rainbows", in two formats: a £40 boxed set and a digital download. What's the catch? Customers who purchase the digital download are able to name their own price for the album. This is the first Radiohead release since their contract with EMI expired. As "The Majors" continue to lose relevance, can we expect more of this type of experimentation and flexibility from independent artists?"

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