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Journal: Writing Again

Journal by superdan2k
So, I'm getting to the point now where I'm starting to write again. It isn't going particularly well, though. Many great ideas. It's just the ol' "inner critic" that keeps rearing it's ugly head and fucking with me. I can't seem to finish a rough draft because I'm of the mindset that it has to be right the first time. I'm seriously thinking about trying a few cold beers as I sit down to write and see how that impacts my work.
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Journal: People

Journal by superdan2k
Met an older woman (mid/late-60's) this morning on the bus and talked to her for a bit. She was reading a sci-fi magazine (Analog), and rockin' out on an iPod (Hendrix). Discussed Macs, music, and sci-fi. It was pretty cool. Finally, someone interesting to talk to on the bus.
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Journal: Blogs

Journal by superdan2k

I've been thinking of taking a cue from Wil Wheaton and cross-copying my blogs across formats. Right now, I have Slashdot, and LiveJournal, and was thinking about getting Moveable Type installed on my domain...


Journal: Laptops

Journal by superdan2k
I'm in the recruiting process at a locally-headquartered consulting firm. If it happens, it'll be a huge improvement from the consulting group I'm currently with. I'll be salaried, have training opportunities, solid benefits, and, joy of joys, the opportunity to have a laptop purchased for me that I get to keep.

I currently own an iBook (dual USB "icebook") that's been pretty badly was going to be my last Mac if OS X had sucked badly. (It had enough potential where I decided to continue with it.) And I've lusted after a titanium Powerbook for so long, that I've decided that that's what I'll campaign for, should I get it.

As usual, I'll need to make arguments as to why I should have a Mac. The place is big on (but not even remotely limited to) .NET. So here's my two arguments I know I have working in my favor:
  1. Testing on a Mac is often required by the client. This will enable me to do so.
  2. I will be able to run .NET frameworks under Virtual PC with WinXP Pro installed.
  3. I will be able to develop with PHP, MySQL, Ruby, etc., etc., etc. thanks to the BSD kernel on the Mac.

Any other ideas?

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