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Comment: Re:Drug trafficking? (Score 1) 64

by sudon't (#49538103) Attached to: New Privacy Concerns About US Program That Can Track Snail Mail

Before Terrorism, the justification was Communism. After Terrorism, it'll be something else. As far as I can see, politics are cyclical, not progressive.
The Drug War is an excuse - for many things, not least of which is making money. But make no mistake - it's driven by real moral disapproval. Same with Terrorism. Huge fortunes have been made since 2001, and whole industries have sprung up around the Terrorism scare. Don't look for it to go away anytime soon.

Comment: Re: So what? (Score 1) 391

by sudon't (#49530403) Attached to: Using Adderall In the Office To Get Ahead

You may be surprised to learn that diabetics taking insulin are prohibited from driving commercial vehicles (trucks). Though, not because of the insulin per se, of course.
Barbiturates are quite different than speed. Certain drugs do cause impairment, barbiturates and tranquilizers being right at the top of that list, while others don't. Opiates, like morphine, etc., do not cause impairment, though they can make some people drowsy. Stimulants do not. One would think this obvious, considering the uses they are put to.

Comment: Re: So what? (Score 2) 391

by sudon't (#49530285) Attached to: Using Adderall In the Office To Get Ahead

I do not think people who rely on medication like Adderall or antidepressants should be allowed to drive.

IDK about anti-depressants, but *news flash* speed actually improves concentration, which is very helpful in driving. I mean, why do you think people use it to study? It's a common misconception that all euphoria-producing drugs impair, as does alcohol. That's simply not true.
Of course, there is a kind of puritanism, particularly in the US, which is reflexively "anti-drug" when those drugs also produce any kind of euphoria. Much like masturbation is seen as self-abuse, any enjoyment of drugs is seen as drug-abuse.

Comment: Re:Giving the customers what they want (Score 1) 214

by sudon't (#49520385) Attached to: Netflix Is Betting On Exclusive Programming

Well, the difference between Hulu and print ads is that you can skip the print ads. I don't know, maybe it's because I grew up with the notion that commercials = free content, but I can't stand to pay money, and then to have commercials shoved down my throat. I won't pay for cable, and I sure won't pay for Hulu. HBO is a little pricey at $15 mo., but once they have a PS4 app, I'm probably in.
I'm glad Netflix decided to start producing good content while we wait for the networks and studios to wake up. Remember "the long tail'? I still have hopes that, within my lifetime, we'll be able to see any movie or TV show, anytime, no matter how obscure, at our convenience.

Comment: Re:Not in the fire (Score 1) 445

I have to say, if you're worried about fire, (or even theft), you have to have an off-site backup. If it's only 5 GB of data, there's no reason you should worry about cloud backup if you encrypt the data before uploading. Just pick one of these giant companies that look like they'll be around a while, (Apple, Google, Amazon, etc.). I doubt they'd pull the plug overnight anyway. You should have an opportunity to recover your data before that happens.
Another way would be to backup, or upload, to another remote machine of your own. Again, just encrypt it before sending it over the intertubes.

Comment: Re:Um...obvious? (Score 1) 291

by sudon't (#49453411) Attached to: Cannabis Smoking Makes Students Less Likely To Pass University Courses

Yeah, I don't know. Maybe my case is unusual, but I was always a poor student, getting "D's", barely passing, up through grade school. Then I started getting high in the eighth grade. I went to school high, everyday of my high school years. Suddenly, school became interesting. I began reading books, lots of them, including the text books I was given. I began to enjoy the back and forth with the teachers. In short, I became an "A" student without even trying. People began to regard me as "smart." It changed me.
I definitely credit (mostly psychedelic) drugs with expanding my mind, and getting me interested in intellectual topics, art, music, and literature. Being stoned is not like being drunk. Really, they couldn't be more different. And these studies, especially in the social sciences - let's be honest, a lot of them aren't worth a shit.

Comment: Re:That may have been the original goal... (Score 1) 26

by sudon't (#49430527) Attached to: Mobile 'Deep Links' and the Fate of the Web

I remember the early web, and how I'd be reading a very interesting article, and how hyperlinks would take me to another, related, and just as interesting article, and so on, and so on... Text with links, on a soothing amber screen - I loved it.
Then I remember the commercial gold rush, and how I hoped to god these people would all quickly lose money, then disappear. It's been quite a while since I clicked on a link and found something interesting on the other side. Oh, well...

Comment: Re:We don't know (Score 1) 160

by sudon't (#49430177) Attached to: NASA's Chief Scientist Predicts Evidence For Life Beyond Earth By 2025

"We know where to look. We know how to look," Stofan added

Yeah, all it has to do is be there. The fact is, is we have no idea how life began. Until we figure that out, we can only speculate whether it exists anywhere else, whether it was a unique event, or whether it might be a common occurrence. Don't get me wrong - we should look. We should explore for the sake of exploration. But to extrapolate, or make predictions, based a sample of one, when we don't even understand that one sample? It's just wishful thinking.

Comment: Difference Between Addiction & Compulsive Beha (Score 1) 91

by sudon't (#49416157) Attached to: Outside Beijing, a Military-style Bootcamp For "Internet Addiction"

The way the word "addiction" is thrown around debases its meaning. What is being talked about in most cases - shopping addiction, computer addiction, sex addiction, cocaine addiction - is really compulsive behavior. And what ends up happening, in practice, because of this, is that actual addiction, (such as to opiates), is treated the same as compulsive behavior. Or rather, vice-versa. The Chinese, at least, are appropriately treating this compulsive behavior with behavior modification.
I think it would benefit everybody to distinguish these two very different problems.

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