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Comment Re:Turing Evolved (Score 1) 174

Pretty shit logical reasoning given that robots have never been in a position where they are capable of committing a massacre on that scale.

Not surprising when you consider that robots, (of the type people are imagining), only exist in Science Fiction. I think some people get a little too caught up in the movies they watch.

Comment Re:Turing Evolved (Score 1) 174

Humans killed 400+ civilians at My Lai, and 200+ civilians at No Gun Ri. Both massacres were the result of rage and fear. Robots don't feel those emotions, and have committed no massacres on that scale. I trust robots more than I trust humans.

A lot of people put their trust in nonexistent beings.

As for me, I want a bunch of those Sentry Guns on my lawn.

Comment Re:Correct your spelling Editors (Score 1) 220

It sounds like "shayz". You've simply never heard it pronounced correctly, or didn't recognize it when you did. The "z" sound was dropped because it sounded like a plural form to English speakers. Or, as the OED puts it:

chaise, n.


Also 8 chaiz, (shazess).

[a. mod.F. chaise (chaize Cotgr.), a phonetic alteration of chaire (so Pazis for Paris, etc.), established in the ordinary sense ‘chair’, whence by extension ‘sedan-chair’, and by transference a wheeled vehicle for travelling in. In this later sense alone chaise passed into English, notwithstanding that chair had itself here received the same development (see chair n.1 11, which however was not always an exact synonym of this word, but often used as the name of a particular sort of chaise). (Cathedra, chair, chaise, are thus all forms of the same word.) The vulgar take (ez) for a plural n., and form on it a singular (e) chay, shay.
(The change of lingual r to z in French is a phenomenon widely exemplified. It appears fully established at Orleans in 15th c., but did not come down beyond 1620.)]

Comment Re:Will you stop approving submissions by this guy (Score 1) 220

Yep. My Bondi Blue Agfa scanner from the late 90s still works fine. Unfortunately, I can only use it with my laptop running an older OS, (10.6), and a third-party driver. When that much newer laptop dies, (CD/DVD drive already non-functional), I'll have no choice but to toss both. Obviously, they didn't intend for anyone to continue using it this long.

Comment Re: Everyone "knows", the new legal standard (Score 2) 171

Only way to avoid getting positioned is to remove the battery. Don't trust flight mode or sim removal, especially not sim removal.

Actually, if you're out committing a crime, you should leave your phone on - at home. That way, you have plausible deniability. Even better if you can have a confederate send a couple of texts from your phone during that time. It's practically an alibi.

Comment Re:Trump just says stuff (Score 1) 875

I don't know if you've been in a coma, but that all changed in the early 1960s, when northern Democrats dragged the Dixiecrats along with them to pass the Civil Rights Act. Naturally, the racists felt betrayed, and so the Party of Lincoln stepped into the vacuum. The Republicans have been the party for racists ever since. Not that the Democrats are much better, but they do make a show of supporting unions and will support civil rights, once a critical mass has been reached. The Republicans always continue dragging their feet on that issue.
Things change. Liberals used to support gun rights, (I wish they still did - they certainly should, as liberals), while the first gun control laws came from the Right.

Comment Re:Families need faster (Score 1) 522

25Mbps doesn't cut it in a household with everyone using the Internet.

That's what I have, and I agree. If two of us are gaming at the same time, or one is trying to watch Netflix while the other is gaming, it's not cutting it. God help us if we ever rent out the third bedroom!
I guess you can't blame the ISPs. After all, what's the point of having a local monopoly if you can't give lousy service at high prices? I'd be pissed, too. Google, I know you're reading this. Please come to my town and break their monopoly. Then you can look at all my data as it goes whizzing by! Amen.

Comment Re:What I do for my passwords (Score 1) 165

"...do you think this can be reasonably safe?"

If someone knows basically how you do it, they could probably figure it out. Remember, a lot of "hacked" accounts are compromised by people known to the victim, or by people who can have a look at your personal information, (like your Facebook account - how locked down is that?). Otherwise, I suppose any single password will look random.
You ever considered looking into a good password manager? You only have to remember one good password, and the password manager can create strong unique, (yet, memorable, if so desired), passwords for each account. I'm always amazed at the contortions people put themselves through when the solution is so simple. After all, you're on a computer already, so why not use some software?

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