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Comment Re:The cars can detect gestures. (Score 1) 236

If automated cars are built to follow speed limits, and other traffic laws, why would a cop ever need to pull it over? It should rarely come up, unless some dolt decided to use one in a robbery. Sure, it can - it will - happen, but this should be a rare occasion. What is much, much, more common, is that police find, or invent, a traffic violation in order to conduct drug and cash searches. If cops are worried about anything, it would be losing this highly profitable activity.

Comment Re:ummmm (Score 1) 383

Basically, this whole "state rights" rationalization for the break-up of the Civil War is pure poppycock.

Well, the particular "state's right" in question was slavery. That southern schools try to teach the Civil War in dog whistle, at least, shows they're embarrassed about it. It's like saying the Confederate Battle Flag is about "heritage" and "pride". You just have to understand that the heritage in question is that of Jim Crow and slavery, and the pride in question is white pride.

Comment Even Rich People Have Problems (Score 1) 783

Sure, even rich people have problems, but, I'll take those problems over the problems poor, (and working), people have.

To anyone newly super-wealthy out there, having problems making new friends, let me offer a solution. Fill up my bank account with a few million, and as two former poor persons, we should have a lot in common. I'm intelligent, but not a nerd. I have lots of ideas on how to enjoy life, and would be happy to help out. No, I'm serious. PM me.

Comment All Google Results Are Rigged (Score 1) 150

Some countries are forcing Google to "rig" its search results, others are complaining about it. Regardless, all Google results are rigged in one way, or another, even at the individual level. For a long time, Altavista had a pure keyword search engine, but that disappeared at some point. I'm not sure who, if anybody, provides neutral results, based solely on keywords, anymore. I feel lucky that there are at least a couple of search engines that claim to not be spying on me.

Comment Re:65 VW Bug (Score 3, Funny) 373

I'd stay away from the 80s, and the latter half of the 70s. Not Detroit's best years. If you can afford a new car, you can afford any babied car from the 60's. Not only will you not have to worry about being hacked, or your computer choking, but you will look cool-as-fuck driving it. You'll have a car that can be picked out in a parking-lot, because it won't look like every other car there. Get one with bench seats - you'll have room for love-making. Don't forget, these cars we think of as hot rods today were the family cars of the 60s. Our family car, when I was a kid, was a '67 Impala. Nobody thought it was anything special then, but when you compare it to today's cars, it looks like a work of art.
You're worried about safety? Don't. We jammed the seat belts under the seats, and forgot about them. We did just fine without all that "safety" junk. Simply having a fine car will make you, and everyone around you, better drivers. Everyone respects a beautiful car from the sixties, and they'll respect you for having the good taste to own one. Crank the windows down, light a Lucky, put on your shades, crack a beer, and feel the power of an eight-cylinder, carbureted, Detroit engine under your feet!

Sorry, got a little carried away... But yeah, anything made before 1974!

Comment Re:Hostile governments... (Score 1) 124

"'s significant that someday a large portion of the world's traffic will flow through networks controlled by governments that are, at least to some extent, hostile to the core values of Western democracies."

And some of those will be the governments of Western democracies. That's the truly maddening part.

Pfft! It only means they're somewhat less hypocritical. I mean, how naïve do you have to be, to believe all that "freedom" and "democracy" crap we're taught as schoolchildren? Almost any adult-level history book should disabuse you of these notions, pronto.

Also, how is the OP Informative? I can sorta see Insightful, except that TFA is about how a Western democracy already has been vacuuming up all our data.

Comment Re:More stupid CONservative posts (Score 1) 231

I agree. A large percentage (0.185%) of the two-hundred-fifty million guns in this country (the USA) are used in crimes, including murder, and shootings! Watching the news on television makes it clear that these shootings are quite common. It is clear from the numbers that guns have no legitimate use, and should be banned. It's worked with drugs and alcohol, so let us proceed with confidence in this endeavor. Indeed, there are many other things which I disapprove of, and which ought to be banned.

Comment Re: Yeah 22 seconds? (Score 1) 664

I gotta say, I'm with the shooter, ignorant redneck that he apparently is. First off, the guy has property rights. City-slickers might not realize that property rights extend both below, and above ground level. There is an exception for air traffic, but it must be much higher than this drone was. That's why airports have to purchase air rights from nearby properties. If a guy doesn't want a camera, or any other piece of someone else's property on his land, he has a right to remove it. How else you gonna do that with a drone, except shoot it?
The guy also has a right to privacy. Do you want some drone filming you in your yard, or through your window, whether it's owned by some kid, or by the government? I'd call that trespassing.
Another thing...if I owned a drone, I know that I would expect someone to respond like that.

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