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Comment: Re:Consider UMA + WiFi phone (Score 1) 289

by street struttin' (#32718628) Attached to: Best Phone For a Wi-Fi-Only Location?
My wife and I both have Blackberry Curve 8900's and use the UMA feature exclusively, as our house is located in a mountain range such that we get no cellular signals. If we "go down the hill" cell signals are fine, but from home it's 100% wifi + uma. In my experience, you'll want the fastest broadband you can find. My wife and I can both talk at once, but making a call and watching a netflix movie is almost unusable. We have 1.5Mbps DSL...

Comment: Re:also: distance between milestones (Score 1) 252

by street struttin' (#31012460) Attached to: Why Time Flies By As You Get Older


My theory is that it's the lengthening of the distance in time between major milestones that makes time appear to move faster as you get older. It simply takes a lot longer to achieve anything of significance.

I think your logic is flawed. It is perfectly reasonable to set short term milestones as an adult. When I go hiking with my dog, I frequently set milestones such as, "Make it to the Corral Canyon trailhead from the Latigo Canyon trailhead", and those goals are often the most satisfying of the week when met. You just need to open your mind and learn to appreciate the small things.

Comment: Re:Windows Media Center (Score 1) 536

by street struttin' (#30304974) Attached to: Best PC DVR Software, For Any Platform?
I've used Windows Media Center as well and found that the listings are virtually non-existent for HD OTA programming. Most of the time, the HD channels won't even show up in the listing (specifically sub-channels, like 4-2, 4-3, etc, only 4-1 would show up normally). You can sometimes find a cable service that includes the same channels and remap them, but it's a HUGE PITA. This is true for WinXP and Vista, although I haven't tried Windows 7 yet. Anyone know if they fixed it yet?

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