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Comment Re:Wachowskis (Score 1) 156 156

This. And same here (well... a few years behind in the process).

It really annoys me too when they are referred to as "brothers". It annoys me more when people "correct" those people who CORRECT the people who refer to them as brothers. Though even that doesn't annoy me as much as when people refer to them as the Wachowskis and someone "corrects" them, proactively stating that they refusing to recognise her gender, or when people deliberately refer to them as brothers, with a snide footnote. Thankfully I have not seen much of the latter round these parts.

Sigh. I expected better from Slashdotters.

Comment Re:Object-sex-oriented? (Score 1) 117 117

"Whereas mammals have a global static variable where SEXUAL_ORIENTATION = MALE or FEMALE."

Or both or neither or something else entirely :P

(I'm presuming by 'sexual orientation' you mean either sexual or gender identity, as opposed to who they are attracted to)

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