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Comment: Re:physicality of vinyl (Score 1) 405

by stev_mccrev (#30362760) Attached to: Not All iPods — Vinyl and Turntables Gain Sales

My LPs are going to outlast my CDs.

Absolutely! I've just been given a huge pile of fantastic old vinyl by my Dad. Beatles, Dylan, etc etc. That he bought in the 60s / 70s when he was around my age. Call me cynical but does really think they'll be handing their kids this year's iTunes Store purchases in 2040?

Comment: Re:This is not new or outrageous! Calm down. (Score 1) 486

by stev_mccrev (#20904953) Attached to: Listening To The Radio At Work? Prepare To Be Sued
True, but an artist has several rights in regards to their work.

They have the right to authorise the communication (broadcast, transmission, diffusion) of their music - and, quite separately, the right to control the public performance of their work.

Businesses that play music via a radio, TV or other means are giving a public performance of the music and therefore require permission.

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