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Comment: Counter measures (Score 1) 314 314

I'm pretty sure earplugs, a helmet and a heavy jacket would be an effective counter measure for this thing. Earplugs and an motorcycle helmet can shield your hearing from continurous noise up to around 150 dBA. The mass of a thick jacket should filter out any high frequency components of the impulses. Just add a plexiglass shield for the low frequencies and you should be able to rush this thing and kick it over.

Comment: Better analogy (Score 1) 316 316

A better analogy than those presented would be the expectation of privacy for post cards sent to a PO box. This is exactly what is going on with email sent without encryption over the internet.

Since, IANAL I don't know what the limits are for searching a PO box, but I'm sure there are precedents for this.

Comment: Work around (Score 1) 399 399

I wonder if you can get around this by just using a calling card and going through another 800 number. There are lots of times I have to return a call (work) to people that I don't want to have my cell number. I know you could just find another phone, but going through a calling card might be easier lots of times.

As far as the domestic violence stuff...I can see it cutting both ways because this makes it easier to document who is making those harassign phone calls and put them back in jail.

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