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Comment I bought a Nokia Lumia 1520... (Score 1) 154

I was replacing an iPhone, and I liked the size, the screen and the camera.
I still like all those features, but I can't wait until the contract is up so I can get whatever the latest and biggest Nexus phone is at that time.

It works great, but it's like a two-year forced vacation from downloading apps. It doesn't have SiriusXM or Square apps, for FSM's sake... if I'd known those would never arrive, I'd have passed on the experience.

Comment imagine a business number... (Score 1) 193

My cell phone number is the primary for my small business, and it has been in the Yellow Pages for over 10 years.
I get the usual spam aimed at personal numbers, plus an amazing array of business-to-business (OK, mostly scammer-to-business) telemarketers.

I can't tell them what I really think for fear of being Google-bombed...

Comment Just bought this Dell laptop (Score 1) 558

Inspiron 7746
Core i7-5500U
16 GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM
1TB Seagate 5400RPM hybrid HDD
DVD-RW (replaced it with a BD-RW drive)
17.3" 1920x1080 touchscreen
nVidia GeForce GT 845M graphics with 2 GB video RAM

Wiped the drive on arrival and reinstalled Windows 8.1, Office 365, etc.
The only part of it I don't like is the illuminated keyboard: lit or not, it's almost impossible to see the markings on the keys.

Comment Re:I had no choice (Score 1) 116

What do you mean, no choice? Whenever I get one of those popups that says they want my cell phone number "for better security", I click the "no thanks, maybe later" option.

Of course, all that's for nothing if they can dig up phone numbers by any means necessary.

My cell number is also my business phone, so I had to provide it to create a merchant account.

Comment Hybrid electrical system (Score 1) 557

Your new home should have a 12 VDC electrical system supplied by batteries (charged by solar panels) to run lights, fans, and anything else that does not require AC line voltage.
This will avoid the 20% losses creating AC from stored battery power, and will greatly decrease your reliance on the local electric company.

Comment I had no choice (Score 1) 116

1) I have a Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows phone (yes, I'm the guy).
2) I accepted credit cards with Square, until I got a Windows phone: Square does not offer a Winfone app.
3) Nobody else offered a decent merchant terminal app with fair prices until PayPal Here came to the Windows Store.

Unfortunately, I'm stuck with PayPal for now... whoever calls and/or texts, and whoever advertises on those calls and/or texts, can expect some serious abuse and adverse publicity.

Comment Fark those clowns (Score 4, Interesting) 328

Licensed, legitimate cab companies run a gauntlet of state & local regulations before they can collect fares. Uber and Lyft bypass them, start operating, and then act surprised when their illegal operation using unlicensed, unvetted drivers run into trouble.

In most places, the individual drivers and/or the company itself are required to have mercantile licenses... where are theirs?

Comment If I create the image... (Score 3, Interesting) 564

When I did Windows XP images for clients, I always set the Default User profile to display extensions.
I did this without asking, without any discussion beforehand, and only had to defend the decision once near the end of the design project... my defense was, "This is the right way to do it, so that's what we're doing." End of discussion.

Comment Apples and oranges (Score 1) 328

Marijuana does not impair a persons motor skills or reflexes.
A drunk driver is dangerous because they are likely to lose control of their car.
A stoned driver is not nearly as dangerous: they can control their car, and react to danger, just fine. The most likely mistake a stoned driver will make is to miss their exit because Stairway to Heaven is on the radio.

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