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Comment: Re:There are no such things as human "rights". (Score 1) 308

No amount of history education is going to stop the herd mentality from handing your privacy over to some domestic intelligence type claiming it's Required to combat terrorism or pedophelia or both. Don't want to hand over your rights? THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

(watching this happen in the UK is predictably hilarious)

Comment: Re:2015: Still using Facebook (Score 3, Insightful) 80

by solios (#48799275) Attached to: Using Facebook Data, Algorithm Predicts Personality Better Than Friends

It doesn't matter if you use Facebook or not - they can already infer that TV shows and musicians exist via user data and automatically construct pages for them - WKRP In Cincinnati is a good example or was when I looked at it last summer. If they can infer media exists then it stands to reason that they can infer that you exist. Imagine that, if you will - a near future in which you have a fairly accurate social media profile rather you want one or not.

Comment: Re:Something that gets me... (Score 1) 93

by solios (#44373335) Attached to: New Shrew Has Spine of Steel

This would be why I snort derisively at rapture-like interpretations of The Singularity - evolution is an endless process of optimization, not a directed A to B to C progression. Animals that haven't evolved in millennia - sharks, for example - aren't "Evolutionary dead ends," they are in fact optimized for survival in their habitats.

Comment: Here's my picks... (Score 0) 321

by solios (#42400805) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Was Your Favorite Web Comic of 2012?

1. Best overall - Menage a 3.

2. Funniest - Sam and Fuzzy.

3. Best art - Massively subjective, I'll go with Supernormal Step.

4. Most relevant to me - Why, my own of course! Among The Chosen. Finished two chapters of Dead City Radio, produced a prequel, and got series production heading forward again after four years going back and sideways.

Comment: Not Searchable. (Score 5, Insightful) 171

by solios (#39536037) Attached to: Software-Defined Radio For $11

Time isn't the issue for me. The issue for me is the fact that video "tutorials" feature voices that frequently grate on my nerves. Worse, the video tutorial cannot be quickly searched for the relevant information.

Seriously. I can find out if a text tutorial is relevant to the issue at hand in seconds. With video tutorials, I've typically closed the tab before the "host" finishes talking about how great he is, how great the software is, and what the tutorial is going to cover.

Comment: Weird neighborhood for a museum. (Score 3, Insightful) 54

by solios (#39240927) Attached to: Museum of Engineered Organisms Opens In Pittsburgh

Garfield isn't exactly gentrified - in the 4900 block of Penn Avenue this place is a good distance from the Carnegie Science Center (north shore) or Natural History / Museum of Art in Oakland.

Out of the way of casual tourism, a couple of blocks from Garfield Artworks and two doors down from a really good Vietnamese restaurant.

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