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Comment Re:Check Security (Score 2, Informative) 82

The instant debit you are speaking about comes from merchants use of automated clearing houses. essentially turning your check into a direct deposit into their account from yours. when you or I deposit a check into our account, we don't have a fancy ACH machine to run the check through, so the check needs to clear in the usual way.
Data Storage

Physicists Store, Retrieve a "Squeezed Vacuum" 106

An anonymous reader sends us to the site of Science Magazine for news that will interest those who have followed experiments to slow and stop light. Research groups in Canada and Japan have succeeded separately in storing a special kind of vacuum — a "squeezed vacuum" — in a puff of gas and then retrieving it a split second later. Such experiments might lead to advances in quantum encryption. At the very least they will help to illuminate the boundary between quantum and classical realms.

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