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Comment: Re:Hungarian media law - a bitter medicine (Score 1) 185

by slider2800 (#34736486) Attached to: Hungarian Officials Can Now Censor the Media

Reading your thoughts makes me rethink the whole situation. We might not be as fucked as i previously assumed. If this new law enforces better quality of publications in our media, then I'm all for it.

What we have to put up with today is an indigestible bullshit. (thats why i don't watch hungarian television for two years now.

+ - Sir Maurice Wilkes, early programming pioneer dies-> 1

Submitted by EricTheRed
EricTheRed writes: Sir Maurice Wilkes — one of the early programming pioneers of the 1940's has died.

The National Museum Of Computing based at Bletchley Park announced on their twitter feed earlier:

Sad news that today Sir Maurice Wilkes passed away, aged 97. Here he was on a visit last year to #TNMOC http://ow.ly/3gUD2

from the article covering his visit to TNMON last year:

Born in 1913, Sir Maurice has been at the forefront of many post-1945 computing developments and even today, at the age of 96, maintains a keen interest and is an avid user of email and the Internet. Sir Maurice’s contributions to computing history have included the development of EDSAC, the first practical stored program computer begun in 1946, and co-authoring the first book on computer programming in 1951. His proposals for micro-programming have been widely adopted in the industry and in 1965 he published the first paper on cache memories. A co-designer, in the late 1970s, of the Cambridge Ring, a pioneering client-server system, Sir Maurice went on to work in industry on both sides of the Atlantic and in 2002 returned to the Computer Laboratory in Cambridge where he is an emeritus professor.

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