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User Journal

Journal: Again??

Journal by sirmikester
My motherboard died on my debianbox again!! Good thing I have mediabox (my PVR) to keep me on debian until I get a new board!!
User Journal

Journal: Awesome!

Journal by sirmikester
My paper got posted on slashdot!! I'm grateful that people took the time to read and comment on it. Thanks everybody.
User Journal

Journal: comptuer issues

Journal by sirmikester
My debian box died... i am sad :( It will probably be a while before i can setup a new one again. For now its win2k on a lappy... shit.
User Journal

Journal: Debian

Journal by sirmikester
Using debian right now, I'm definately liking it better than redhat. It works pretty well as a workstation, apt-get rocks, the setup wasn't that bad, and its truely free (no more up2date hassles!) Everyone should try it...

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