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Comment: Re:ZFS (Score 1) 609

by sirket (#32220098) Attached to: Best Solutions For Massive Home Hard Drive Storage?

I've used FreeBSD for as long as I can remember. My desktop is _still_ FreeBSD.

Having said that- nothing performs under high load situations like Solaris. I was not happy with Solaris in the 7, 8 or 9 days (Mostly because they kept changing things- seemingly at random), but Solaris 10, and especially OpenSolaris, have been rock solid and cool as can be under high load.

My current OpenSolaris heads are running on Dell 2950's with 32 GB of RAM, Myricom Dual Port 10Gb ethernet nics, 8 lane (2 x4) 3Gb SAS controller, dual port LP10000exDC Emulex 2Gb/s Fiber Channel cards, and dual 3GHz quad core processors. They're connected to 6 Promise vTrak J610s Dual controller disk shelves. The shelves have 4 32GB write optimized SSD's in a mirrored/striped config spread across both controller channels for our ZIL. There are 80 15k SAS drives and 8 256GB Read optimized SSD's as the L2ARC.

Both heads are connected to the shelves in an active/passive configuration in which the second head can immediately pick up if the first one fails.

We use COMSTAR to export ZFS volumes via iSCSI (over 10Gb ethernet to our VMWare servers) and Fiber Channel (To our older Sun QA Farm).

Comment: Re:ZFS (Score 1) 609

by sirket (#32220002) Attached to: Best Solutions For Massive Home Hard Drive Storage?

You can scale ZFS pretty amazingly large- you just have to architect the system.

We've got 80 15k SAS spindles spread across two 4 lane 3Gb/s (12 Gb/s x 2) controllers. We've got 4 32GB write optimized SSD's in a mirror+stripe configuration, two disks on each channel for our ZIL. We've got 32 GB of RAM for dedupe and our L1-ARC. We've got 8 read optimized 256GB SSD's as our L2-ARC read cache. There are four hot spares in our system- 2 300GB and 2 600GB to match the two sizes of disks that we have.

The system absolutely flies. We've got dual 10Gb ethernet links in each of the two server heads. The heads are active/passive and both are connected to all the disks at all times via active/active SAS switches in the disk shelves (Promise vTrak J610S Dual's)

We use COMSTAR for iSCSI and FiberChannel target capabilities. (The fiber channel is 2Gb for our old Sun QA servers.

All of this still came out to less than 1/4 of what NetApp wanted for a similar system.

Comment: What on earth are you trying to actually do? (Score 4, Insightful) 268

by sirket (#30771646) Attached to: Powerful Linux ISP Router Distribution?

Routing and ISP's are huge topics- what are you trying to do?

The main problem with routing isn't bandwidth- anyone can pump enough 1500 or 9000 byte frames per second to fill a gigabit pipe. The problem is when you have lots of small packets. At that point, dedicated routing hardware with a high-speed TCAM becomes really important.

What kind of line cards do you need? ADSL? Ethernet? OC12?

What kind of services do you need to run? BGP? OSPF?

What kind of bandwidth are you going to be pushing?

Comment: Re:Don't Use Copper - wrong (Score 1) 465

by sirket (#29218031) Attached to: Using a House's Concrete Foundation To Cool a PC

Funny- but lots of houses in Levittown had copper radiant floor systems that failed and were attributed to the copper. We also have houses in Florida and Long Island developing pinhole leaks- either due to impurities in the copper, or environmental degradation. Either way- a single, jointless run of PEX is a hell of a lot safer bet (especially considering it can flex) than a copper pipe that can corrode, has lots of joints, and can't flex.

Comment: Re:Respect rules of the road, not just the officia (Score 1) 882

by sirket (#28867869) Attached to: Rude Drivers Reduce Traffic Jams

This is actually a law in a lot of states. The actual wording varies from "Left lane is for passing only" to "you can be in the left lane but must not impede faster traffic" to "you can be in the left lane, but must be driving at the speed limit and should not impede faster traffic."

Comment: How about doing what you enjoy? (Score 5, Insightful) 372

by sirket (#27379733) Attached to: Best Grad Program For a Computer Science Major?

Stop worrying about what's going to make you the most money and figure out what you enjoy. An MBA that hates his job is worthless. A computer scientist that isn't passionate about math and theory is worthless. An IT guy that isn't obsessed with all things tech will never be as good as the guy that is.

Figure out what you love doing and do that. If you really love it you'll be better at it. The best people in any field always make plenty of money.

As an aside- the last thing this world needs is more lawyers. The second to last thing this world needs is more MBA's.

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