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Comment Re:Terrible, wretched, no good science (Score 1) 637

(Note that fecundity declines with higher IQ. [E.g. ] So human IQ is not limited by "the best evolution can do" and thus by chance mutations, but rather is, like height and other quantitative attributes, where it is due to a balance of evolutionary pressures.)

Comment Re:Terrible, wretched, no good science (Score 1) 637

Why are either one of them focusing on mutations as if that's the route of evolutionary response to quantitative pressures?

Any quantitative attribute like IQ or height or emotional stability or whatever is the aggregate result of many (often hundreds of) genes, permutations of which already exist in our population gene pool in varying quantities. Individuals get these roughly at random and so fall on a bell curve. The mean of that bell curve (which is what people are concerned with when talking about population drift) can be highly responsive (big drift in a small number of generations) to environmental pressures with no mutations whatsoever just via reproductive enhancement of individuals who happen to fall to the preferred side of the bellcurve, thus increasing the relative proportion of pro- or anti- attribute genes. Mutation-based evolution is glacial by comparison. (I think maybe they like to focus on mutations because they're easier to track historically than population-wide shifts in proportions of existing variations... But that doesn't make them more relevant...)


Submission + - Oracle sues Google over Java 1

simonfunk writes: According to this market watch article "Oracle Corp. filed a lawsuit against Google Inc. on Thursday, alleging that the Internet search giant has infringed on intellectual property related to the Java software that Oracle acquired when it purchased Sun Microsystems Inc. [...] "Google's Android competes with Oracle America's Java as an operating system software platform for cellular telephones and other mobile devices," Oracle said in its complaint, while noting that the Android system includes Java applications."

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