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Journal: The New Year:

Journal by sickboy_macosX
This Icon of the story has nothing do with anything i just thought it would be cool to have a Spam Icon.

So it is almost the new year, well in a day or so. I dont know what you will be doing, but I know I will be getting drunk while partying with my beautiful fiancee and friends.

So now that Apple is now on a roll with Mac OS X I am wondering what is instore for MacWorld San Fransisco. The Rumor Sites are going off with speculations as to what can be expected for the show.

I am still un employed but now i am slinging code for HogWash you should check it out. It is no longer based on the Snort Engine. Devel-0.5 is latest version in CVS. soon there will be a Mac OS X native Version and a 802.11 enabled version for Apple's Airport Wireless Networking.

I am expecting to get married on July 19th 2003 to my beautiful fiance Katie, I will have a picture of her soon on my homepage, I need to register a new Domain Name, and host it up on my Linux Server which needs a new power supply,

Thats my Story and I'm Sticking to it, Have a good New Year. and I will check back in with you!


Journal: Why I use Mac OS X

Journal by sickboy_macosX
Why do I use Mac OS X? because it is just plain beautiful! I make it sound like I have never used a Windows Based Machine, but I have belive it or not! I just grew up with apples, Hell I even got the logo tatooed on my wrist!
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Journal: It's 3:30 in the you know where your kids are??

Journal by sickboy_macosX
It is 3:38 if you want to be specific. And again I cant sleep. The highlight of my night was watching the Dolphins give the Broncos a run for their money. it was an awesome game. Right now i am wondering why the hell I am not able to write code, or work with computers at all, my resume rocks, i just wish i could get a job doing what i love. I am getting married in less than a year, and I cant even afford a ring! I just wish i could do somthing i love..... thats all for now however, i will write more tomrrow
User Journal

Journal: So this is my first post.

Journal by sickboy_macosX
So my first web journal entry.....EVER. It is a Sunday Morning and I am just watching boring TV shows on TV Land and reading Slashdot. And contimplating what else to do today. At 6:30 the Miami Dolphins game against the Broncos comes on, so I will be here for that, (And watch the Broncos get pounded.) I promise during the week these posts will be more on topic. With real comments on News. -Shon

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