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Journal: Shock and Awe(TM) on SCO Group

Journal by setag

Can Pres. Bush please launch a dreaded Shock and Awe(TM) campaign on Darl McBride?

Pres Bush: Darl, you have 48 hours to leave Utah and drop your crazy-ass Linux assault.

Oh well. Time to wake up...

United States

Journal: Where is the USA on this one?

Journal by setag
Where is the USA's compassion and might when Israel attacks refugee camps in Palestine? Women are killed and we have all seen the pictures of the children smoked by Israeli soldiers (read Death Squads). But my country looks the other way and invades Iraq. I'm surprised I even found this story on a major American news website:,2933,84596,00.html

Where is the Shock and Awe(TM) campaign against Israel?

The Matrix

Journal: my rights are being taken away and i'm getting angry...

Journal by setag

My rights (and yours) are being stolen. A students post graduate research has been DMCA smack downed and now I'm reading about Microsofts trusted computing again. Damn it makes me angry.

Let's take a look:

MSTCP (Microsoft Trusted Computing Platform)
Patriot Act
Homeland Security

and the list goes on. You got two security peeps who were going to give a talk about the flaws in a widely used payment/security system used a universities and they get hit with the DMCA.

They tried to work with the vendor but noooo. They can't fix the problem. But their lawyers can.

OK. I'm done.

User Journal

Journal: wow. more toys

Journal by setag

Wow, i finally took some time to find out about the toys I get to use at slashdot.

Geez. neat stuff.

When someone says "I want a programming language in which I need only say what I wish done," give him a lollipop.