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Journal: The quest for infrared

Journal by sachachua
I was trying to get infrared working, but I wasn't sure if either my iPAQ or my laptop had working IR. If one worked and the other didn't, I'd still be stuck.

Much poking later, I got the laptop to discover the iPAQ, which is _very_ encouraging. However, still no luck trying to establish a terminal connection.

Reading up on SA-1100 infrared and IrDA in order to add infrared support to the bootldr.


Journal: Misadventures of a bootldr hacker 3

Journal by sachachua
I moved the iPAQ bootloader to the new command execution structure this afternoon, getting rid of the nested command execution tables. Went perfectly. Compiled without a hitch, loaded and ran cleanly.

Forty minutes later, while watching a video, I booted my iPAQ into Linux. Or tried to. It hung.

Beads of sweat formed on my forehead. Did I just manage to majorly break my system? A quick run upstairs, some poking around the source code, and I found my bug - infinite recursion in command_boot because I had missed one SUBCOMMAND tag. ARGH.

Quick fix, compile, load, reset, commit. That was scary, though.

User Journal

Journal: Slashdot, .NET, XML, Hailstorm, and other weird things

Journal by sachachua

Slashdot seems to value my opinion. Or is it just that I metamoderate promptly? Third time to get metamod in a week, and I got mod at the same time.

It's a pain to search for info about .NET on the Internet. Did Microsoft consider that when naming their new brainchild?

Made XML adapter for school course schedule server. Now have data to play with. Will probably make scheduling app, as am too lazy to do my schedule on paper. ;) Time to learn web applications in C#, anyway.

KnowNow.com is useful.

Hailstorm is obscure. Where are the tech specs? Hope I can get away without an NDA, or that they'll let me know that even with one...

Got a couple of emails from someone as interested in Hailstorm as I am.

I just wish Microsoft reconsiders and doesn't charge for it. Sucky..

I've procrastinated again, haven't I?

Tomorrow: Lab report. Long test in Philosophy. Handouts in Eco. Dinner. Don't forget to tell mom bank account still isn't activated.


Journal: The .NET saga continues

Journal by sachachua

Spent another day grappling with .NET.

For some reason, I can't access c:\InetPub on \\asiastudents\, which bothers me no end as I'm _already_ Administrator.

On the other machine - the one we develop on, the 333 that just barely squeaks by - I hadn't updated IIS. IIS 4.0 can't support .NET stuff, hence need to deploy on other server. We did manual copying for most of the day, but it screwed up the builds.

However, I did eventually get Visual Studio .NET to deploy on the other server, with the cost being fully open shares. ACK! WAAAAAH!

I miss Java. I miss PHP!

We could do all sorts of crazy things with XML, maybe.. maybe not. Waah.


Journal: .NET

Journal by sachachua

I can't believe I'm trying to study .NET.

Wait a minute. I _can_ believe that. I've just spent the day struggling with a Visual Studio .NET beta 2 install, only to find out halfway through that the CD drive really is busted.

Oh, well.

It looks interesting enough.

We had a brainstorming session. So difficult to come up with something creative and innovative! I'm a programmer - I'm supposed to make things work, not come up with something completely new. But hey, it's pretty fun.

Found lots of sites that already do what we thought of doing. Ack.

Ah, well.

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.