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Journal: Guides to reduced stress while posting/viewing slashdo

Journal by sabinm

Just a thought I had while reading some comments today.

Guidelines to Reduced Stress on Slashdot

1. If user #xxxxxxx calls you an idiot, don't curl into fetal position and suck your thumb. Be an adult and ignore the idiot, idiot!

2. Idiot.

3. Question : if someone calls you a troll and you are not a troll, does that make you a troll?

4. Remember the context of posters : most likely tabbing frantically between the web and a legitimate work application--this reduces time for spelling checks, grammar, coherent thought and courtesy

5. Most posters on Slashdot have NO idea what they are talking about.

6. Those who do have an Idea what they are talking about most likely have inferiority complexes for being ignored and only give you information to insult your intelligence. Ignore them.

7. Moderation is not money, love, or computer parts (or karma, for that matter). Screw it.

8. If you use your sig to advertise, don't post stupid, non marketable comments.

9. The Slashdot Gang cares about your opinions in a very Godlike (distant and noncommunicative) way. Don't take it personal if God drops a bus on you or if the Slashdot editors tell you to get a life. Sheesh. Get a life

10. You are most likely the one that people will be afraid to offend in public. Deal with being offended anonymously.

Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success. -- Christopher Lascl