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Submission + - SPAM: Makeup and Hairstyles for a Valentine's Day

saadhumayun writes: "Valentine’s Day is the special occasion throughout the year to show your romance to your valentine. Ladies, if you are thinking to look gorgeous and more feminine on valentine’s dinner date. Here you can find hair and makeup ideas for your romantic look and surely you can impress your boyfriend."
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Submission + - SPAM: Style Guide to Dress for the Winter Season

saadhumayun writes: "Winter season is almost halfway finished. Now everyone is excited about the forthcoming spring season, but still we have to wear cardigan sweaters all the time to beat the cold. For many, dressing for winter is little bit tricky. I have come up with some winter layering tips that will help you look stylish and stay warm while enjoying the rest of the season."
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Submission + - Fashion Do's for 2013: Revamp Your Wardrobe for New Year->

saadhumayun writes: "Calling all ladies! A New Year is the right time to clear out your wardrobe and make space for some new outfits. There are some amazing new fashion trends in 2013 you surely don’t want to miss. All fashionistas, stay stylish with fashion do’s for 2013."
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Submission + - Dress Up – It's Christmas Party Time!->

saadhumayun writes: "The biggest part of the fun of Christmas parties is to dress up stylishly. What you wear can either make or break the look. The dress code for casual parties matters a lot. So, you should dress up for the occasion according to the dress code. I have come up with some basic tips to dress for a causal Christmas party."
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