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User Journal

Journal: Mediabox

Journal by retards


Since my masters thesis is going nowhere, I decided to start a mediabox project:

Via Eipia

Some TC-card


Linux + mplayer

Basically it should play, rip, encode, what not.

Stay tuned.

United States

Journal: Maybe

Journal by retards

How the fuck does Donald Rumsfeld know that all the people in the Twin Towers were patriots and heroes? Some weren't even American citizens. Talk about Categorical Political Correctness.

Maybe if the United States wasn't forcing peace everywhere by waging war and selling weapons things would be different today.

Maybe Israel shouldn't kill Palestinians with American weapons.

Maybe America shouldn't use so much of the worlds's resources trying (and failing) to appease it's citizens.

Maybe America should stop building new nukes while trying to wage war against countries with similar interest.

Maybe Fundamental muslims should go back to school.

Maybe I shouldn't talk about things I don't know shit about.

1 Sagan = Billions & Billions