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Comment: No one is going to do [x] on a mobile device? (Score 2, Insightful) 177

by rbeattie (#33024522) Attached to: Encoding Video For Mobile Devices?

I only had a buck every time I read, "No one is going to do [x] on a mobile device," over the past few years...

I have entire seasons of TV shows (Last Airbender) queued up on my phone for when I get trapped waiting somewhere and/or my son is bored on car trips, etc. It's not 2004 any more - the whole "mobisodes" trend came and went as it was discovered people don't *like* 2 minute custom-created content for the phones. They want normal length videos, and with today's large screens and relatively massive storage there's no problem with that.


Comment: Streaming filter using SoX on Linux (Score 4, Informative) 602

by rbeattie (#32585228) Attached to: Digitally Filtering Out the Drone of the World Cup

I wrote up a blog post about using Sound eXchange (sox) to filter the sound here: , but the short version is this:

rec -d vol .5 equalizer 233 .1o -48 equalizer 466 .03o -48 equalizer 932 .02o -48 equalizer 1864 .2o -24 | play -d

or from a response to my post here:

rec -d | play -d vol 0.9 bandreject 116.56 3.4q bandreject 233.12 3.4q bandreject 466.24 3.4q bandreject 932.48 3.4q bandreject 1864 3.4q

After testing, I feel the parameters could be tweaked a bit more - but these definitely make a difference.


Comment: Why move the window min/max/close buttons?! (Score 1) 683

by rbeattie (#31353956) Attached to: Ubuntu Gets a New Visual Identity
Moving the default placement of the window min/max/close buttons is a really annoying change.

First, 95% of the world uses Windows which will make any sort of transition that much harder for end-users.

Second, I like it the old way, dammit! (What? That's a valid argument...) I don't want to have to change the damn default window theme for every install of Ubuntu I use (and at this point that's three boxes - my main computer, my netbook and my media PC).

Grump, grump, grump. Get off my lawn.


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