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Comment: Re:I don't understand (Score 1) 149

by raydobbs (#46729605) Attached to: NSA Allegedly Exploited Heartbleed

One cannot simply sue a branch of the government without asking permission from the government to allow it to be sued - guess how often THAT happens? Plus is NSA has a built-in out; its in the interests of national security. Its bullshit - we all know it - but it a legal out, its the reason they can deny your FOIA request for information about Area 51, the Roswell incident, as well as the intelligence records on Jimmy Hoffa or J. Edgar Hoover.

Comment: Antidepressants... (Score 4, Insightful) 164

by raydobbs (#46588259) Attached to: Peter Molyneux: Working For Microsoft Is Like Taking Antidepressants

I don't know about working at Microsoft being like being on antidepressants (never worked for them, don't think I'd want to), but I know that whenever I hear him talk about his next greatest game - I want to TAKE antidepressants as I know none of the shit he talks about will actually make it into the game at 1/100th the grandeur he describes. Can we say 'Master of the over-sell and the under-deliver'?

Comment: Re:Ouya's killer app....where is it? (Score 1) 107

by raydobbs (#46576187) Attached to: Ouya Dropping 'Free-to-Play' Requirement

I don't have enough of a product to really HAVE a page talking about it yet (despite the fact that the product is in a two way tie with another product internally as to which is written first). I haven't discounted the idea of writing for the console - just not sure I'd take their 'exclusive for more $$$$' matching funding as I don't think I'd get the return on investment locking it to a console with such a small customer base. Their barrier to entry is definitely a plus, though (no big investment in the SDK, no media costs, no artificial limitations, etc). I just wish they had a killer, knock-out exclusive - something to really scream, "Look at us! See what the Ouya can do!".

Comment: Ouya's killer app....where is it? (Score 2) 107

by raydobbs (#46575073) Attached to: Ouya Dropping 'Free-to-Play' Requirement

The big problem with the Ouya is that there is no really good exclusive out there to show people what the console can really be pushed to do. So you have a lot of half-hearted ports from other platforms, pretty much limiting the sales of the product to people who haven't purchased any recent computer, game console, phone or tablet (very few indeed).

Frankly, Ouya needs to pick a product that is distinctly their market - nurture and help it be THE GAME on the Ouya to own, a reason to buy the console and controllers. Really showcasing what the system can do with the hardware its got will bring developers looking to 'one-up' that product and it really would have a shot.

Right now - its a no-mans land of retreads and badly written indie games. And I can say this as someone looking to release a product on the Ouya.

Comment: No place for 'almost', 'not quite' and 'nearly'... (Score 5, Interesting) 423

by raydobbs (#46398579) Attached to: RadioShack To Close 1,100 Stores

There isn't a place for a Radio Shack that won't commit 100% to being the hobbyist shop they started to be, or an online retailer that isn't just a smaller version of Mouser or DigiKey. We already have little rat shacks everywhere on the Internet that sell soup-to-nuts, we need a retailer that is passionate about their place in the market. You can't beat the big boys on price - they can always undercut you, and if needs be - they can give product away for free until they drive you out of business. You need to be able to provide service and product that the larger competitors can't or won't - so far, Radio Shack doesn't seem to be able or willing to do it.

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Journal: The End of Slashdot

Journal by raydobbs

With the forced-at-gunpoint adoption of the Beta Slashdot site, it looks like it will be the death of Slashdot. When user participation and user-curated content IS your web site focus, making more ad copy on zero users seems like a losing strategy - but one that Dice has chosen to make. I wonder what the future holds - who will be Slashdot's successor?

Comment: Participation Problem? Really? (Score 4, Insightful) 372

by raydobbs (#45214359) Attached to: Wikipedia's Participation Problem

Honestly? They need to fix their 'data fiefdom' problem. Whenever you attempt to edit something, your changes are usually encroaching on someone's 'turf' and they will revert your changes (even if your right). You can certainly go back and reverse their change cancellation, but they will come back and cancel out your cancellation of their change and so forth - after a few times, since your new; they will just vote to block you and all of your hard work goes into the pages of 'unaccepted revisions' (which is just shy of the great bit-bucket in the sky).

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