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Comment This is fantastic news! (Score 1) 589

Guys, you're clearly missing the massive societal benefit of this news. Say you go to see a movie, only to find out that it's terrible. What do you do to help your fellow man from wasting their time and money? Write a review? Tell your friends? That's just not good enough! Now, all you have to do is send Sony an email and they'll cheerfully pull it from US distribution!

Comment Re:fuel weight (Score 1) 81

Their lifting capacity, even with the extra fuel (really, reduced fuel available for ascent) is sufficient, and the small amount of payload reduction is vastly offset by the cost savings of re-using 9 engines plus structure. Assuming everything works, of course, but their program is looking pretty good.

Comment Of course not. (Score 5, Insightful) 388

The driver hit something in the road; the vehicle detected the damage, realized it was going to catch on fire, and politely asked the driver to pull over and exit the vehicle. Once the driver had exited, the battery compartment started merrily burning, but the design kept the fire contained within the front compartment. At no point did the fire enter the passenger compartment, which would have been perfectly safe for the driver. Frankly, I can only dream of owning such a safe vehicle.

Comment Additional details (Score 4, Informative) 46

As the linked article isn't fully detailed, you might want to read the actual paper (seems to be free access). Among other things, they note that these photocell stickers retain their original 7.5% efficiency, which although not incredibly high, is still pretty decent, given how cheap this will likely be. It should be great for costs to have the actual wafer be reusable.

Comment Mirrors (Score 2, Informative) 245

Since BBV is in bad shape, here's links to some mirrors.

In the original forum thread, a poster linked a torrent for the actual software:

I don't see a torrent for the notes archive, so here's a magnet link. Sorry if it stops working:


Comment Re:Dear Blizzard... (Score 1) 145

That's not at all true. If you are paying money to a company, then you are the customer. If you're using a "free" (ad-supported) service, then you are the *product*, and the advertisers are the customer. This is an important distinction that people should keep in mind when using services like Facebook: you are the product that the company is selling to advertisers. Your happiness and satisfaction are only relevant if they generate more saleable metrics. Don't pretend that those companies care about you; the loss of a single saleable unit is irrelevant.

Comment This warrant has been WITHDRAWN (Score 1) 1017

The warrant has already been withdrawn by Swedish prosecutors. Updating the Slashdot story might be a really good idea.

Swedish prosecutors have withdrawn an arrest warrant for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, saying the rape suspicions against him are unfounded.

In a brief statement Saturday, chief prosecutor Eva Finne says: "I don't think there is reason to suspect that he has committed rape."

Comment Re:Differential + hard drive - online (Score 4, Interesting) 611

Really? I don't think you've looked at this very carefully...personally I use Mozy, it's a couple bucks a month, the initial upload took a week or so, but it was all backgrounded and I never even noticed (yes, you can turn your computer off, etc.). Daily incremental backups take just a few seconds. Retrieval is via downloading, if you just want a few files, or for some money ($50? I think?) they'll overnight you a couple of DVD's with your whole backup on it. So, it's cheap, requires absolutely no thinking on my part, is fire/meteor proof, and has unlimited storage. The choice was obvious, from my point of view.

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