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Journal Journal: Wednesday

Arrived at work at 1040. Hard to get up in the morning man. Searched Amazon for Christmas gifts. Monty python books for my father perhaps? A colleague needed help with an application server. Spent some time to start a local copy on my laptop. Didn't succeed. Sent my copy of the code. Tough start of a day. Thought about upgrading an openbsd box from 3.2 to 3.4. Fooled up with cvs and got tired. Lunch. Ordered a book on Amazon.
Started to code C# and Had a long coffee break. Drank water. Updated my antivirus software. Read certification books. Went home at 1700.

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Journal Journal: Tuesday

Woke up at 0700. Got up 0810. At work at 0910.
Brilliant. Read news and Slashdot for 2 hours. Created a journal. Started thinking about certification. Got some chm files I couldn't read which contained certification info. Decompile them. Now I have no excuse not to read them. Went to lunch
Started to read the certification files. The sysadm came by and said I was right about the security issue and that he was going to do something about it.
Continued reading. Drank coffee. Read
Went home at 1700.

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Journal Journal: Dull Monday

Arrived at work around 0900.
Spent 2 hours reading news, browsing mail and reloading Slashdot about every five minutes.
Spent an hour reading about debain and thinking about installing it and finally try it.
Went to lunch with three co-workers. Discussed wlan solutions.
Downloaded debian 3.0r1 and tried to get my sysadm to give me a computer at the lab to play with. Didn't succeed. Discovered a big security hole so I could connect to almost all workstations. Told the sysadm He said it was so by design. Almost fainted.
Burned down debian on a cd and started to rebuild an openbsd box.
Went home at 1730.

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