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User Journal

Journal: Wow, this is fucking useless 2

Journal by pummer
So I'm a high school sophomore, and I got 1460 on my PSATs. The entire school is obsessing over this bullcrap that means absolutely nothing.

This fact, coupled with the fact that all my friends are turning emo, is severely idiotic.

Journal: MORE Annoyances

Journal by pummer
Know what annoys me? I see a post on Slashdot's front page, and it only says "Read more." So, being the karma whore that I am, I click on it, determined to get off a funny post near the top that people will actually see. But, I hit "Read more," and there's already 117 posts. Isn't there a way to show that it has 117 posts when it hits the main page?

Journal: Annoyances 4

Journal by pummer
Why am I penalized for my good typing skills? Just because I took Mavis Beacon in high school doesn't mean that I want to flood the boards. The 20 second minimum is extremely annoying.
User Journal

Journal: UDB's many facets

Journal by pummer
What I don't understand is how some trolling Slashdotters can pass off as being around 50 different occupations. For example, the user unterderbrucke. In this one, he claims to be the head of a non-profit group. In another, he's a former record company employee. Here, he is a police officer. For one thing, this is admirable trolling, but can't we find methods of trolling without using multiple occupations? Be creative!

Let me reiterate, Unterderbrucke is a good slashdotter, and just an example of this horrendous phenomena of schizophrenic occupations.

Journal: Modding System 12

Journal by pummer
WHY does this qualify me as a troll? I was just trying to make a funny comment. Sure, it wasn't funny at all, but then don't mod it down for TROLLING if it isn't a troll. Wait, let me go find out what a troll is. This site (and yes it's on aol, not my site) defines trolls as "people who delight in sowing discord on the Internet. [They] try to start arguments and upset people." Was I trying to upset anyone??? No. The Free Online Dictionary of Computing describes a troll this way: "Trolling aims to elicit an emotional reaction from those with a hair-trigger on the reply key." Now let's look at some of my other posts. This is not a troll, it's an observation which I still believe to be true. How that is trolling I have no idea whatsoever. If anything is trolling there, it's the guy in the replied post calling me a retard. I admit that this is an obvious troll, but it was my first FP ever, I couldn't resist (lame excuse I know). To end this rant, we'll examine this can someone please explain the redundancy to me?? Sure, it's redundant that Searchking does to Google what Google did to Searchking, but wasn't that the whole idea??

This is officially pissing me off.

Time-sharing is the junk-mail part of the computer business. -- H.R.J. Grosch (attributed)