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Comment: Re:lettice under LED grow lights? (Score 1) 177 177

If you do hydroponics then that's less of an issue. Most of the bugs need the soil. And the ones that don't can be dealt with by hitting them with some safe pesticides.

I would disagree. The only greenhouse pests that need soil are fungus gnats and thrips. Fungus gnats can be taken care of by drying out the soil but even when left to run amok don't really cause serious damage. Thrips need to be killed though.

Meanwhile aphids, spider mites, broad mites and whitefly don't need any soil at all and they can cause some serious damage right quick. Good luck taking down most of them with "safe pesticides." Don't get me wrong, most of them can be handled safely but I wouldn't want them near my food at all.

Comment: Re:So does this qualify as 'organic'? (Score 1) 177 177

Organic farming requires a number of things and not using pesticides isn't one of them. The reason they require more space is the organics tend to be less effective than synthetic pesticides so you endure more crop losses.

On the other side of the coin you can use totally organic OMRI certified pesticides but if your fertilizer isn't organic then your crop isn't organic.

Now to get really weird you CAN use an organic fertilizer and nothing but organic pesticides but still not be able to call the produce organic if the fertilizer used came from human waste. Yes, this is done in food production and you can buy human poop in bags commercial everywhere in the US. Milorganite is the oldest brand. MILwaukee ORGanic NITrogEn. It's sewage. Human poop.

Comment: Re:Fabricating an assualt rifle in California... (Score 1) 391 391

4) In fact, the FOPA did not ban machine guns; it simply requires people to pay a one-time Federal Excise Tax fee.

No. FOPA banned manufacture of machine guns for civilian ownership (aside from police and Class III dealers) if they were made after May 1986. The tax on machine guns is from the NFA passed back in 1934. Back then Congress didn't think they could ban guns so they put a $200 tax on what were generally $200 guns to make them less accessible. Granted, that made no sense because they were trying to keep them out of the hands of gangsters who had plenty of money thanks to prohibition which was another feel good political movement that didn't do any good.

Comment: Re:jesus christ, this. (Score 1) 179 179

Not everyone's homes. Here in Europe there's a GMO ban. Just think of how much less roundup is used when roundup ready crops aren't planted.

Probably about half as much. Even without the GMO RoundUp Ready crops you could clear a field with the stuff and then plant corn in behind that in 7 days. Saves on tilling costs and also better for the environment as you're not disturbing soil. With the GMO stuff you might get another spray 4-5 weeks into the crop of RoundUp to kill new weeds but anything beyond that the corn itself will crowd out the weeds.

Comment: Worst Delivery System Possible? (Score 1) 365 365

I used to chew tobacco. I like nicotine. When I quit chewing actual tobacco I switched to the nicotine gum stuff. I liked the gum more than actual tobacco for obvious reasons like my breath not stinking, I didn't have to spit, leave a bottle at my desk for it, etc. I eventually gave up the nicotine entirely after a year on the gum. I can certainly understand why people like it. I don't fault them for that. It's actually a kinda useful drug.

But getting it by SMOKING tobacco... that has to be the worst idea ever. Health issues, smell, hassle, etc. I don't get it. Gum is -cheap- if you buy it right. I last bought some at around 17 cents for a 4mg piece. I think part of the problem is that retail prices are out of the world. I'd never buy that stuff at Walgreens or any other brick and mortar. I'm not sure why it's that out of whack either. This is from memory but retail you're looking at 50 cents per piece and Amazon is, like I said, around 17 cents.

Comment: Re:Rule #1 of development: Know your requirements. (Score 1) 264 264

But if your goal is to have a POS application, stop writing code right now. There exist hundreds of off the shelf POS apps all ready. For Windows, for Linux, thick clients, thin clients, web, desktop, green screen, etc...

Your time would be vastly better spent finding an existing product and adapting your business process to it.

Not always. There's a decent open source POS platform called OpenBravo POS. I successfully put that into our business without much fanfare. The first year was rough as I left too much of the original intact, mostly the product management stuff. I disabled their implementation and built my own C# app to handle the "back office" stuff and things were better. I beat the living hell out of that app to mangle it into how we think of things but that was WAY easier than changing business practices that didn't actually need to be changed.

And when business needs change (selling organic cheese by weight from a local farmer) I just modify it and roll it out. It's way cheaper than actually buying a commercial product given that we've got 26 checkout lanes. I'd imagine the break point occurs somewhere around 12 unless you're really specialized.


Google Stops Ads For "Cougar" Sites 319 319

teh31337one writes "Google is refusing to advertise CougarLife, a dating site for mature women looking for younger men. However, they continue to accept sites for mature men seeking young women. According to the New York Times, had been paying Google $100,000 a month since October. The Mountain View company has now cancelled the contract, saying that the dating site is 'nonfamily safe.'"

Comment: Re:Drown your name on the engine (Score 1) 888 888

That's the route I've taken. I blog under my own name and leave comments on blogs under my real name too. Very little is done under a pseudonym these days. Slashdot is an exception as I joined back in 1998 or so and naturally picked a pseudonym because that's what I had been doing since my BBS days that started around 1993. It was around 2003 that I started bombing everything with my real name although that wasn't my intent at the time. I just didn't want to hide anymore.

So, if you do a web search on me you'll find that I'm pretty big into firearms, firearm rights, hang around a more conservative side of the blogosphere which also mostly centers around guns, and a bunch of stuff on mailing lists that I used to contribute to that were technical in nature. And, occasionally I'd drop some tech info somewhere online under my real name these days.

Comment: Re:Amazing what they let in the cargo hold... (Score 1) 605 605

Firearms are the only item on the list that you have to declare. At least, that I'm aware of. At the very least it's the only thing on the list that'll permit/require you to keep your luggage locked up.

As far as limits go the only one I know of is an 11lb limit on ammunition.

Comment: Re:it interrupts the flow of things and so (Score 1) 844 844

And with all the STDs too. This only works if you trust the other person enough.

Yeah, I'm one of the weird people that doesn't have sex with somebody until I'm pretty sure they're not trying to give me a deadly disease or a lifetime infection.

What confounds me about this is that it appears I'm actually in the minority position. I'll never really understand people that rely on a 60 cent piece of rubber to keep them from getting a fatal disease so they can share an intimate experience with a person that might be killing them in the process.

Then again, I don't get human social interaction a lot of the time. All I know is life's simpler when you don't fark people you don't trust.

I'm all for computer dating, but I wouldn't want one to marry my sister.