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Comment: Re:So Android DOESN'T have an Apple Pay equivalent (Score 1) 122

by pherthyl (#48337911) Attached to: New NXP SoC Gives Android Its Apple Pay

>> Apple will have access to your purchase data

No they don't. Maybe try actually educating yourself before spouting off on a topic.

Big difference between VISA and my bank having my purchase data and me handing it over to an advertising company like Google. Never going to happen.

Comment: Re:100 year old survival knowledge in PDF files??? (Score 1) 272

by pherthyl (#48250347) Attached to: A Library For Survival Knowledge

I couldn't disagree more.
The tough book will use far more power than the iPad so much harder to keep it running.
You don't want anything with mechanical fans to suck dirt into places
You want solid state. Flash might not last 100 years but mechanical drives definitely won't.

iPad in a good case would be far more useful than a laptop

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