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Comment Surely it's not the worst thing (Score 1) 247

Sure, pacemakers and insulin pumps may run closed-source software. But there have got to be countless systems running critical aspects of infrastructure or even the military using closed-source software as well. Wasn't the Navy using Windows at some point in its ships?

Seems that the stakes are much higher in the latter although given the pace of medical technology/wetware innovation, having some sort of review or 3rd party testing worked into the approval process now rather than later would be prescient.

Comment Re:You're solving the wrong problem (Score 1) 1092

Two problems with this. First, it's a lot of work. Second, he wanted a solution that runs on Linux.

Seriously. This is slashdot. All problems must be resolved using overly complicated technical solutions requiring minimal socialization skills. When he can interface to the PTA using SOA, THEN we might have a better solution.

Comment Re:The damndest thing with these stories today (Score 1) 508

It's so hard to tell which ones are too stupid to be true and so stupid they probably are true.

Not only is it hard to tell, it's scary that we can't tell the difference anymore. Just looking at yesterday's news:
* Honda Develops Brain Interface For Robot Control
* Cold War Standoff Over ISS Toilet

Fact or fiction? Maybe for whoever submit these stories it already was April 1...

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