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+ - Old Zune Getting All The New Features: This is How->

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jdelator writes "The old Zune is getting all the new features. All. Microsoft's did something fantastic here and rewarded the believers who purchased Zunes in the first year by allowing them to get in on all the cool new stuff without having to pay more. Are you paying attention Apple? This is how you should treat your customers."
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+ - Dark Matter Of The Universe Has A Long Lifetime->

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Tjeerd writes ""New research from the Niels Bohr Institute presents new information that adds another piece of knowledge to the jigsaw puzzle of the dark mystery of the universe — dark matter. Signe Riemer-Sørensen has analysed the one of the two clusters of galaxies that are in the process of colliding. The analyses show that it is a very heavy cluster with many galaxies, and measurement of the gravitation show that there is a very big amount of dark matter, up to 85 per cent of the collective mass. However, no x-ray of any consequence was measured.""
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+ - Microsoft Announces New Zune Lineup, Wireless Sync->

Submitted by BarlowBrad
BarlowBrad (940854) writes "From PC World: "Microsoft announced a new slate of Wi-Fi-equipped Zune players today, including $150 4GB and $200 8GB flash-based players, and a $250 80GB model that's slimmer than the original Zune. All of the new models feature touch-sensitive controls and wireless syncing with your PC, a much-demanded feature that Microsoft will also make available on the original 30GB Zune when the new models debut in mid November."

Wireless. More space than a Nomad. But draw your own conclusions."

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+ - iPod Touch screen problems - defect or design? 2

Submitted by The Blue Meanie
The Blue Meanie (223473) writes "As reported by a friend of mine, and confirmed with a thread or two elsewhere, people are noticing that a number of the new iPod Touch screens are producing really BAD video, especially in darker areas. Is this just a case of Apple picking a lousy screen for this model, or is this a manufacturing defect? They obviously didn't use the screen from the iPhone — are Touch users destined to suffer with sub-par video?"

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