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User Journal

Journal: i got MODDED UP!!!

Journal by p00p
Lotsa good news today for the faithful.... Today I posted my love of Natalie Portman's fantastic body for the whole slashdot community to see! I wrote a rather romantic song, incorporating the soon-to-be-popular goatse theme. I think it's quite nice.

Note to self: work on a streaming audio version for the visually-impaired!!
Then after I posted, I took a healthy crap. I wish I could post and p00p simultaneously, but alas! haven't the technology just yet.. don't hold your breath yet folks, looks like wireless is still aways-off.

Good news! Some kind soul MODDED ME UP and enabled more p00p-posting! The oppressive 10-post limit has been broken wide open, so I'm taking swift advantage. I want the whole world to see my urinalpoop linking prowess!!

For next time, we'll investigate the scandalous modding up of my troll.... there's a conspiracy here, and I'm the author. Hehehehe.
User Journal

Journal: first p0st!!

Journal by p00p
Wow!! Today was my second post ever, and it went quite well thank you very much. I commented with customary erudition on an article of some significance, but so far the world remains apparently ignorant of my generous contribution. I hope somebody clicks on the urinalpoop link!!!!

If you steal from one author it's plagiarism; if you steal from many it's research. -- Wilson Mizner