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Comment: Re:Yawn Squared (Score 0) 984

by onlyfacts (#21556757) Attached to: Texas Science Director Forced To Resign Over ID Statements
I guess you missed the point, I am pointing out the amount of information contained in the DNA. Some estimates, using your scenario is on order of a magnitude in difference between an Amoeba and a human in terms of DNA information content. DNA of amoeba: 5 x 10^8 bits of information Human: 6x10^9 bits of information Information is a generalized term related to the specified complexity of the DNA. Mutations of the DNA in the lab have shown a loss of information most of the time and never an increase in information. And information isn't just duplication of the same DNA, that is similar to make a copy of the same letter on the copy machine - no new information, just the same information twice. Tests have never been able to show where information is added - which leads to dramatically different species/kinds. Not sure what you mean by the mechanism that the designer used, but you raise an important other point that evolution cannot explain. We all agree DNA exists and contains the blueprint for how any living organism grows and is fashioned into what it becomes. DNA by itself does nothing, it is the blueprint, you still need the "computer" if you will that interprets that information and causes certain chemical interactions to occur to produce the expected result. Where DID that computer come from? Kind of like a chicken and the egg problem for evolution, but not a problem for ID. God created the computer and the DNA.

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