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Journal: Checking in again

Journal by oldmildog

Can't believe it's been another three years since I last wrote here in my Slashdot journal. Where does the time go?

Current status:
- Work for LinkedIn
- Work on N Mary in Sunnyvale
- Live in Sunnyvale, CA
- Write for Road to VR

Let's talk again in a few years.

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Journal: Mod points

Journal by oldmildog

I visit here every day or two. Have been doing so for years and years. Karma shows as Good.

Why do I only get mod points once a year or so?

Oh, and seriously? It's been almost three years since I wrote in my journal?

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Journal: A year?

Journal by oldmildog
Seriously? It's been a year and two days since I last wrote in my journal?
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Journal: This week...

Journal by oldmildog
This week has been insanely long and drawn out. If this week were 10 miles, I'd be in Finland by now. It feels like next Tuesday.

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