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Journal Journal: Rain

So I went to go work on a video editing project for a film class and it was raining...hard. I walked about a half mile there, only to discover the place was closed. It turns out someone had called me right before I left to tell me it closed, but the rain blocked my cell phone reception. So I walked back a half mile. I decided to take a shortcut and it was flooded with 8 inches of water. My new converse all stars are feeling the pain.

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Journal Journal: more people have to join this site 1

Groan...I want to ty moderating, or at least meta-moderating. I'm very interested in how community software (like slashcode) works, and I want to try out this syste, more. But I can't until I'm not in the last 15% of members to join, or something. Frustrating.

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Journal Journal: owned

man, i make one bad comment and get owned! the first post i ever made on /. was a 'first post' and my karma went to bad. now everything i post starts at 0. first impressions count.

My sister opened a computer store in Hawaii. She sells C shells down by the seashore.