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Journal Journal: Loneliness cured 1

I have this problem, you see. I have no friends, I mean, no one that links to me saying, eh, I like your ideas, your style, whatever. That's a problem for me, because I want to get involved, throw some heavy-duty issues around. But now I have a plan, you see, to write in this journal some stuff, maybe bits and pieces of my writing. I think that is actually could be pretty good, in case, god forbids, someone out there actually reads what I wrote.

Heck I have to justify my existence on the face of this planet somehow. An audience, and some reactions!

In other news, I have settled for a date to return to Canada, and that's next week. I hope it will be a good day. I miss my friends, the physical, warm blooded type, and the people that make a busy city, as well as having a choice of activities when the rain takes the skies. At least on that account, my last week here will have proven more satisfying then the previous five weeks of almost continuous grey cover and pouring rain. Hun, sorry, I'll stop my complaining before I get on my nerves too.

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